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Make the Switch to LED Lighting

LED lights are fast becoming the preferred choice of lighting due to their many advantages over conventional incandescent, fluorescent, and even CFL lights. There’s a long list of reasons why they’re becoming popular; LED lights are more energy efficient, longer lasting, and durable. They generate virtually no heat, they don’t emit UV rays, and they […]

Planning a Home Renovation? Check Your Wiring

Before starting a home renovation project it’s best to check if your home is capable of handling it. One aspect to check before starting your renovation project is your home’s wiring, which can be easily damaged by a new renovation. Checking and Testing Your Wiring Keep an eye out for flickering lights – Flickering lights […]

Meet Corey: Bonney’s Certified Premier Master Electrician

Bonney is Sacramento’s premier residential plumbing, heating and air-conditioning service company. We’re excited to announce we’ve added electrical services to our line-up of home comfort services. The same reliable Bonney 5-star service you’ve come to expect for plumbing, heating and air-conditioning will also apply to our electrical services. One of the main reasons Bonney is […]