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Ceiling Fan Installation: The Secret to a More Comfortable Summer

Over the summer, your HVAC system will use more energy than normal to cool your home and may struggle to keep you comfortable. Fortunately, you can protect your HVAC system from wear and lower your energy consumption with ceiling fans. If you don’t have any ceiling fans in your home, you’ll want to know more about the top three benefits of ceiling fan installation during the summer.

1. Ceiling Fans Increase Your Comfort

While ceiling fans can’t actually lower a room’s temperature, they make rooms feel cooler, leading to greater comfort over the summer. When a ceiling fan runs, it will redistribute air more effectively and help you feel colder. Without a ceiling fan, hot air will rise to your ceiling while cool air will settle near your feet. A running ceiling fan will pull the cold air on the ground toward your face and cause you to feel cooler.

Besides redistributing cool air, ceiling fans will make your sweat evaporate faster. This sweat evaporation is caused by a wind chill effect, as moving air leads to faster evaporation. By evaporating sweat faster and moving cool air to your face, ceiling fans make rooms feel cooler than they are. In fact, Energy Saver states that you can raise your thermostat’s temperature by around four degrees and feel no reduction in comfort when you have a ceiling fan running. As a result, you can keep your home cooler without having to lower the thermostat.

2. Ceiling Fans Reduce Energy Consumption

On top of making your home feel cooler, ceiling fan installation can also lower your energy bills. Though ceiling fans will use electricity while running, they reduce the energy your HVAC system has to use to make you feel comfortable. Since ceiling fans can make a room feel about four degrees cooler, you can keep your thermostat at a higher temperature. For example, if you like to keep your home at 72 degrees, you could raise your thermostat to 76 degrees and not feel a difference when your fans are running. 

If you purchase a ceiling fan and keep your home’s temperature higher afterward, your HVAC system won’t have to run as long to cool your home, and you’ll reduce your overall energy consumption. Energy Star also states that raising your thermostat by two degrees while your ceiling fan is running could lower your AC costs by up to 14%. Since ceiling fans can reduce energy consumption and lower the demands on your HVAC system, they can even potentially pay for themselves over time. 

3. Ceiling Fans Can Improve Air Circulation in Your Home

Ceiling fans increase air circulation throughout your home, which can have several benefits. For example, increased air circulation helps remove bad smells and reduces the stuffiness of a room. Additionally, while ceiling fans don’t reduce humidity in your home on their own, the breeze generated by the ceiling fan will help your AC remove humidity quicker. The greater air circulation will also have a slight drying effect, leading your home to feel less humid.

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