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Drain & Sewer Technicians


Bonney has the Sacramento-area drain and sewer solutions needed to protect your home or business (as well as your plumbing system). We provide industry-leading professional drain cleaning services backed by our 97 Day Clog-Free Guarantee. If your blockage is caused by structural damage, our experts provide trenchless sewer repair and replacement services. We welcome you to read more about our offerings below, or make an appointment to get started today!

Drain Cleaning Services in the Sacramento area

The Bonney experts will make sure your drains are clean and clear with same day service, guaranteed.

Looking for a local expert in drain cleaning? Look no further than Bonney’s sewer and drain services. We are experts in both residential and commercial drain cleaning. From single-family homes, condos, or apartment buildings to restaurants, businesses, or commercial complexes, our trucks are fully equipped to handle even the biggest clogs on the same day as our initial visit. No drain cleaning job is too big or too small for the local experts at Bonney. 

We unclog any drain, showers, laundry tubs, sewers, bathtubs, storm drains, toilets, and sinks and are the go-to experts in drain cleaning. Our team works hard to provide skilled and reliable services to ensure that your drains are clear and clean.

Why Sacramento Sewer and Drains Clog

The Sacramento area is especially prone to line clogs and blockage. Our sewer and drain issues tend to be enhanced by a combination of two main factors:

  • The environment—As the City of Trees, Sacramento experiences high levels of root intrusion. These tree roots seek out the water in drains and sewer systems—causing blockage and damage.
  • Low-flow fixtures—In alignment with California’s water conservation efforts, most homes in Sacramento use low-flow fixtures. While these help the environment and your wallet—they can create trouble for your sewer and drainage systems if you are not careful. You can read more here about the causes of clogged drains

Bonney’s experience and locality make us especially qualified to address the unique challenges Sacramento-area residents face.

Comprehensive Drain Cleaning Expertise

Our drain technicians are experienced at clearing and cleaning all types of drain clogs. Bathrooms are notorious for clogging drains—whether they are shower drains, tub drains, or toilet drains, we will clear them. If your kitchen sink or garbage disposal is backed up, you can rest assured that Bonney’s experts will clear it. Any type of laundry drain or utility sink drain is no match for our professional plumbers.

Our Mainline Sewer Cleaning Clog-Free Guarantee

Do you have a bothersome main line clog? Try our $97 Main Line Sewer program. This program includes a camera inspection and up to 75 feet of line to clear your blockage. We offer a 97-day clog-free guarantee once your line is cleared. If you are having issues with clogs, call the Bonney team today to take advantage of our $97 Mainline Sewer program.

The Latest Drain Cleaning Technology and Equipment

Using the latest equipment and technology is a guarantee when you choose Bonney. Our technicians will use a camera to inspect and discover the clog or blockage in your line. We will show you the evidence of the problem so you can better understand what is creating problems for your home. Once we identify the blockage, we use professional-grade drain cleaning equipment to clear obstructions and get your line flowing like new. 

Trenchless Sewer Pipe Lining Repair and Replacement

When your sewer or drain line is damaged, it often appears with the same symptoms of a clogged line. In these cases, your home will require more than a drain cleaning service. Instead, you may need trenchless pipe lining repair or replacement services. These solutions allow us to repair your plumbing system without the extensive digging of traditional pipe replacement. You can read the full details about our Sacramento trenchless sewer pipe lining repair and replacement services here.

Partner with Bonney Sewer and Drain Services

The professionals at Bonney offer a comprehensive suite of sewer and drain services for the greater Sacramento area. Our service areas extend to Rancho Cordova, Carmichael, Roseville, Sacramento, Citrus Heights, Folsom, Gold River, Fair Oaks, Vacaville, Natomas, La Riviera, Rosemont, and beyond. You can make your appointment here online or give our local sewer and drain service professionals a call for more information. Our experts are ready to help you achieve the care you deserve.

Sewer and Drain Service Coupons, Deals, and Promotions

Bonney makes sewer and drain services affordable for the Sacramento area with our everyday low prices. You can also review our selection of coupons for even more savings*:

*Drain cleaning coupons are for residential customers only. As with all professional drain cleaning solutions, the clogged drain must have an accessible 2-way cleanout from the exterior of your home. If your drain is not cleanout-accessible, our drain cleaning professionals will provide you with information on the various options available for your home. Not all lines can be cleared due to broken pipes, shifted/misaligned lines, major root intrusion, or abnormal materials in the line. If we find these issues in your system, our drain cleaning technicians will give you a free estimate in writing for permanent solutions. Bonney’s drain cleaning promotion covers up to 75 feet of line. Our professionals will show you what is happening in your drains with our camera inspections, but a copy of the camera recording is not included. These promotions cannot be combined with other discounts, specials, offers. Call or email the professionals at Bonney for additional details and to schedule service.