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Sump Pump Installation and Service in Sacramento and Surrounding Areas

The rainy season in Northern California can be a scary time for homeowners. Rising water levels from rains and flooding can lead to property damage that could cost you thousands in repairs and lost property. In fact, the national average cost for water damage repairs is $3,000. Due to the risks of living in an area prone to rising water levels, many Sacramento homeowners are opting to have sump pumps installed on their properties to ensure their homes and valuables are as protected as possible.

At Bonney, we’re happy to install sump pumps in Sacramento and the surrounding areas. As you consider installing a sump pump at your home, take a moment to learn more about what they are, who can benefit from them, and how Bonney can help install them at your home.

How Much Does It Cost to Install a Sump Pump in Sacramento?

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  • Average:
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What are some factors that affect the cost of a sump pump installation?

  • Pump Type: The cost of sump pump installation depends on the type of pump you choose. Basic models are less expensive than advanced systems with battery backups or smart features. Bonney will help you select the right pump for your home’s needs and budget.
  • Basement Size: The size of your basement can impact the overall cost. Larger basements may require more extensive systems to ensure effective water removal. Bonney will evaluate your basement’s needs and provide an accurate estimate for your needs. 
  • Existing Plumbing: The condition and layout of your existing plumbing can affect the installation cost. If significant modifications or upgrades are needed, the cost may increase. Bonney’s experienced team will assess your plumbing and recommend the best approach.

Estimates and second opinions are always FREE at Bonney

Bonney will dispatch a licensed plumber to your home to assess any existing sump pump and provide an estimate for the project, free of charge. Second opinions at Bonney are also free!

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What Is a Sump Pump?

A sump pump is a specialized device that prevents flooding by collecting accumulated moisture or water and transferring it through a discharge pipe. After the sump pump transfers the water to a discharge pipe, it sends the water to a designated location away from your home’s foundation. 

Sump pumps are typically installed in the lowest point of a home, like a basement or crawlspace, and are placed into a pit that is dug to gather water draining into your property. The sump pump will detect when the water reaches a predetermined level and turn on to start draining the water away from your home’s foundation. Taking proactive actions in regard to home safety should be a priority for all homeowners, and sump pumps are a great way to keep your mind at ease when the rainy season starts!

Different Types of Sump Pumps

There are two main types of sump pumps that are typically installed in private residences: submersible and pedestal. Both types offer their own benefits, and your specific needs will determine the best type for your home. Before you decide on the right sump pump for you, learn more about the two main types of sump pumps below:

Submersible Sump Pumps

Submersible sump pumps are placed underground in a pit that is dug out wherever flooding is most likely to occur in your home. Submersible sump pumps are powerful and ideal for homeowners who experience more extreme forms of flooding. They also have the benefit of being relatively quiet when operating due to being located below ground. 

One drawback that submersible sump pump owners may encounter is that they are more difficult to work on due to their location. Having a professional come to do routine checkups on a submersible sump pump is a good idea for homeowners who opt for this type, as you don’t want any mechanical issues right when you need your sump pump. 

Pedestal Sump Pumps

Pedestal sump pumps function the same as submersible sump pumps but are installed above ground at the lowest point in your home. Because they are easier to access, pedestal sump pumps are simpler to maintain and experience less wear and tear than submersible sump pumps. Homeowners who don’t have large flooding problems but still want to protect their property from water damage may opt for a pedestal over a submersible-style pump. 

Pedestal pumps are less powerful than submersible sump pumps and won’t be as effective if your area has more severe flooding problems. A pedestal model will also be louder than a submersible one when operating, as it’s above ground. 

If you’re trying to decide what model would be best for you, it’s best to get a professional plumber’s opinion, as they’ll be able to tell you what option will complement your individual needs.

Who Can Benefit From Having a Sump Pump Installed?

As a resident of Northern California, it’s important for you to be prepared for all of the problems that inclement weather can cause. The last thing any homeowner wants is an emergency that compromises the comfort of you or your family. If you live in an area that experiences any of the following issues, it may be time to think about getting a sump pump installed:

  • Homeowners in Flood-Prone Areas: If you live in an area that is prone to heavy rains and flooding, like Sacramento, and don’t have a sump pump, it is strongly recommended that you consider having one installed. Flooding can damage the inside of your property and the foundation of your home itself. It’s always better to be prepared than to be sorry, and a sump pump will give you the peace of mind that the rainy season won’t end up costing you thousands in repairs. 
  • Properties with Basements or Below-Ground Spaces: If your home has a basement or any other type of below-ground space, you should consider having a sump pump installed. Aside from flooding, collected moisture can lead to mold problems, which can cause a whole slew of problems. A sump pump will keep your basement or crawlspace dry and help you and your family breathe easily. 
  • Residents of Areas With High Water Tables: If your area has high water tables or a small area between groundwater water and the surface of the soil, a sump pump could help protect your home. You can check the groundwater levels to see if this applies to you and your property. 

What Do Bonney’s Sump Installation Services Include?

If you’re looking for sump pump installation services near you in Sacramento or the surrounding areas, turn to Bonney. Our qualified technicians can recommend what type of sump pump system would be best for your home and work with you to ensure you’re protected for the upcoming rainy season. Since we only install the highest quality pumps, you can expect any model we recommend to provide efficient and effective water removal.

Once we’ve installed your new system, you can sign up for Bonney Beyond, an annual maintenance program that will provide regular inspections and maintenance for your sump pump system. If you don’t want to sign up for Bonney Beyond, we still offer one-off sump pump inspections, and we recommend that you schedule them at least once a year. We’re also happy to perform repairs on your sump pump if it runs into any issues.

Choose Bonney for Sump Installation in Sacramento

As a leading provider of sump pump installation services in Sacramento, we’re confident our team can help you select the right sump pump for your property. Alongside our sump pump repair, maintenance, and installation services, we offer a number of other plumbing services designed to keep your home’s plumbing system running at its best.

Please contact us if you have any questions or want to schedule a sump pump service appointment. We also recommend you review our financing options and coupons, as they can make it easier to fit a new sump pump into your budget.