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Heavy Rains Can Wreak Havoc on Your Plumbing System

3 Plumbing Problems Caused By Rainstorms

The torrential rainstorms in Sacramento and surrounding areas have wreaked havoc on Northern California.

The storms are part of an “atmospheric river” weather phenomenon that draws precipitation from the Pacific Ocean and has brought the heaviest rain in a decade to parts of Northern California.

Power outages, road closures, flooding, and evacuations have been part of this wet rainy weather we’ve been experiencing in Sacramento.

How is your plumbing holding up?

Heavy rainstorms can place stress on drainage systems and pipes, and you may discover your plumbing plagued with problems in the aftermath of a wicked storm.

Be on the lookout for these 3 problems after a heavy rainstorm.

Heavy Rain Can Cause Broken Pipes

A large rainfall, especially the ones we’ve been getting the past few weeks, can cause a ruptured pipe due to the ground shifting and putting pressure on the pipes that are located underground. When the ground becomes saturated with rainwater, it softens enough that shifting soil and rocks can strain or break your buried pipes. If pipes become crushed or cracked, dirt and debris can enter and clog things up, doing even more damage. If you discover discoloration, grit, or debris in the water coming from your faucets after a storm, you probably have broken underground pipes. A Bonney certified premier plumber can locate the break and repair or replace it.

Sewage Overload: Blocked Drains or Clogged Pipes

Pipes and drains can become blocked after heavy rainstorms because of the immense amount of leaves, dirt, and debris that can build up and block drains. Blocked drains during heavy storms are very common, as they are generally not designed to manage large volumes of water. If gutters have not been cleaned, the rain will also push any leaves and debris that the gutters hold into the drain creating a bigger blockage. When there is an overflow of rainwater in gutters and downpipes, there’s a good chance there’s a blockage that needs to be cleared out. Blocked outside drains can cause flooding and damage to your property.

Basement or Crawl Space Flooding from Heavy Rain

A flooded crawl space or basement can create a lot of problems in your home. Whether your crawl space or basement has taken on an abundance of water due to heavy rain, a sewer backup, or broken and leaking pipes, the resulting standing water is a major problem that should be addressed. Failing to address the problem of a flooded basement or crawl space can result in permanent damage to your home’s foundation. Standing water and excess moisture in a basement or crawl space can also create an attractive breeding ground for mold and even common crawl space pests like mice, rats, and termites. Over time, the cost to repair your damaged home, and the risks to you and your family’s health can really add up.

You should remove the water as soon as possible with either a wet-vac or a sump-pump. These are typically the most effective methods. Once the water is removed you’ll want to dry out the basement or crawl space thoroughly. Never just let the space air dry, a significant amount of moisture will likely remain even after you have removed the puddles of water. A dehumidifier is extremely effective at removing excess moisture from a damp crawl space or basement. This will drastically reduce the chances of mold or mildew development. If you need assistance, don’t hesitate to call the certified premier plumbers at Bonney.

Bonney Sacramento Plumbing Service

When heavy rain hits, you need a plumbing expert you can trust. Thankfully, your local Bonney plumbers are skilled and experienced in solving each of these issues. If you suspect broken or clogged drains or pipes, or you’re experiencing continual flooding in your crawl space or basement, don’t worry, we’re on it! Call 800-444-0551, or contact us online, and a Bonney certified premier plumber would be happy to help you.