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Sewer Line Inspection, Repair, Installation & Replacement

Some roads are best left untraveled.

No one wants to think about their home’s sewer, let alone think about their sewer getting clogged. Bonney brings the know-how to your home so you can enjoy the freedom to focus on what you enjoy.

There is no sewer line job too big or small for Bonney to tackle. Our experienced plumbers use the latest equipment and technology to find your sewer line clog or blockage and fix it. Our rooter service will clear your sewer line of tree roots and get the line flowing.

Is your kitchen or laundry line sluggish? Slow pipes are now a thing of the past. Bonney can flush out the line with our hydro jetter, which has your line draining like it is new.

How Much Does a Drain or Sewer Line Clearing Cost in Sacramento?

  • Low:
  • Average:
  • High:

What are some factors that affect the cost of a drain or sewer clearing?

  • Type of Blockage: The cost of drain or sewer clearing depends on the nature of the blockage. Simple clogs caused by grease or hair are less expensive to clear than severe blockages from tree roots or collapsed pipes. Bonney’s plumbers will diagnose the issue and provide a fair and honest estimate, every time.
  • Location of the Blockage: If the blockage is easily accessible, the clearing process is generally quicker and cheaper. However, blockages deep within the sewer line or beneath concrete can require more labor and equipment, increasing costs.
  • Tools and Methods: The cost can vary based on the tools and methods required. Basic snaking is less expensive than hydro-jetting or using specialized camera inspections. Bonney uses the most effective methods for your situation to ensure a thorough and lasting solution.

Schedule an in-home repair diagnostic with Bonney for just $99

Bonney will dispatch a licensed plumber to your home to diagnose the location and type of clog and introduce service options for just $99. If you choose to complete your repair with us, we’ll waive your diagnostic charge!

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Sacramento Sewer Inspection

Have a clogged sewer line? Bonney Drain & Sewer uses state-of-the-art video inspection technology to identify the problem, whether it is a clogged sewer drain or a broken sewer line. We’ll find the problem and fix it!

Additionally, if you have a problematic drain, we can thoroughly inspect it for you with our video inspection equipment and make a color DVD detailing our findings, or simply email the file to you. Please call us to find out more details on how to receive a DVD of your drain line.

Electronic Sewer Line Location

Can’t find your sewer line? Bonney’s experienced plumbers use advanced electronic line location to find it. This ensures the job is done using only top-quality service.

Sewer Installation Sacramento

Planning a room addition, remodel or a commercial tenant improvement? Need to add or relocate a sewer line? Call on Bonney’s team of professionals to come out and help you decide what your best options are. From saw cutting a slab, to boring under your home or building we have the right tools to get the job done right the first time. We have successfully been installing sewer lines in the greater Sacramento area for over 35 years. Whether you need a new sewer line installed or your existing sewer line replaced, give Bonney’s team of professionals a call and we’ll get the job done at an affordable price. Remember we can also snake or Hydro-jet your existing sewer and drain lines to get them flowing like new.

If your existing clogged sewer line is beyond repair, consider trenchless sewer replacement. Bonney can install a new sewer line without digging a trench and disturbing your yard, driveway, parking lot or sidewalk. (Sometimes we cannot use the trenchless method if the line has no grade or is heavily impacted with roots. Call us or visit our trenchless sewer page to learn more about trenchless sewer replacement and pipelining trenchless sewer repair.)

Sacramento Sewer Line Repair

If your sewer line is in need of repair, look no further than Bonney. Our skilled technicians will be able to discover the issue and fix it with top-notch service. Whether your line is clogged with paper or tree roots our rooter service will clear your sewer line and gets the line flowing again.

Do you have old cast iron or defective ABS pipes that may be leaking under your home or business or in the walls? We offer complete full-service sewer line repair for homes and businesses. With our top-of-the-line video inspection technology, we can pinpoint the problem and repair or replace it without jackhammering up your whole house or opening up and making unnecessary holes in your walls.  Is your main sewer line broken or backed up between your house and your septic tank? We can clear the stoppage and repair the line if needed.

Local Sewer Service in the Greater Sacramento Area

Bonney proudly extends our trusted sewer services throughout the greater Sacramento area including Roseville, Citrus Heights, Fair Oaks, Rosemont, Carmichael, La Riviera, Folsom, Rancho Cordova, and beyond. You can view our full list of service areas here, and explore our coupons page for the latest deals, discounts, and promotions. Schedule your sewer line inspection, repair, replacement, or installation service here online, or give our local experts a call today to get started!