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Ceiling Fan Installation

Ceiling fans make the air go ‘round. Whether in a bedroom, office, living room or an outdoor area, a ceiling fan is a great addition to any home. Installing ceiling fans is an excellent way to cut energy costs, enhance your home décor, and make your home more comfortable.  

How Much Does It Cost to Install a Ceiling Fan in Sacramento?

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What are some factors that affect the cost of a ceiling fan installation?

  • Type of Fan: The cost of installing a ceiling fan depends on the type you choose. Standard ceiling fans are less expensive, while fans with advanced features like remote controls, lighting, or smart technology cost more. Bonney will help you select the best fan for your needs and budget. Already have your ceiling fans? Great! Our electricians will happily install them for you.
  • Electrical Work: Installing a ceiling fan may require additional electrical work, especially if there is no existing wiring. Adding new wiring or upgrading your electrical panel can increase the overall cost. Bonney’s skilled electricians will provide a clear estimate for any necessary electrical work.
  • Installation Location: The location of the installation can impact the cost. Installing a fan in an easily accessible area like a living room is generally less expensive than in hard-to-reach places like high ceilings or outdoor areas. Bonney will recommend the most efficient and cost-effective location for your fan.

Estimates and second opinions are always FREE at Bonney

Bonney will dispatch a licensed electrician to your home to learn more about the desired location of your ceiling fans and provide an estimate for the project, free of charge. Second opinions at Bonney are also free!

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Ceiling fans give you a sense of relief from the summer heat as well as the winter cold. They create a cool breeze in the warm summer months, but can also help push heated air back down in the winter, making the temperature feel warmer and allow you to turn down the thermostat and save you money.

Bonney electricians will help you pick out the right ceiling fan for any room in your home. Choosing the right size ceiling fan ensures maximum performance, style, and comfort. Proper ceiling fan size for a room helps performance and longevity. A small ceiling fan in a large room will have to work twice as hard to keep you cool, which could result in the motor burning out quickly. A large ceiling fan in a small room will create an uncomfortable amount of air-flow. Besides, you don’t want to feel like there’s a tornado in the bedroom! It’s important to choose a ceiling fan that is proportionate to the room size.

Bonney will also safely install your ceiling fan and ensure that it’s wobble-free. Because nothing is more annoying than a wobbly ceiling fan.

Are you interested in adding a ceiling fan to your home? Don’t worry, we’re on it! Your ceiling fans will be professionally and expertly installed by our certified premier electricians at Bonney.