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4 Professional Water Conservation Services For Big Savings

When it comes to conserving water, perhaps no state knows better than California.  As homes and businesses in and around Sacramento continue to boost water-saving efforts, they are also experiencing the financial benefits this shift brings. If you are ready to kickstart your water conservation efforts, Bonney is here to help! Here is a look […]

Do I Need a New Hot Water Heater?

When it comes to water heaters, it is essential to uphold routine maintenance and keep an eye on your unit for necessary repairs and signs of needed replacement. Waiting too long to replace your water heater can spell disaster for your home and could cost you a significant amount of money in wasted water, gas […]

Introducing Virtual Plumbing From Bonney

At Bonney, we understand the importance of social distancing during the COVID-19 outbreak; however, as an essential business, we do not want customers to have to choose between their safety and getting the plumbing service they need.  While we are working within the CDC guidelines to keep our services safe for customers, we recently created […]

COVID-19 and Pipe Safety: Avoid Flushing Wipes

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Sacramento residents are taking essential measures to protect their safety and the safety of others. These precautions include social distancing, thoroughly washing hands, and regularly wiping surfaces down with disinfectant. While it is essential to maintain these sanitation practices, it is also important to protect your plumbing lines. With the heightened […]

Bonney Plumbing Delivers 5-Star Service to Longtime Bonney Customers

We always appreciate our valued Bonney customers, especially longtime customers like John and Laverne McCumiskey of South Sacramento.  They first met at a big dance hall in Anchorage Alaska. Laverne was on one side of the room, and John was on the other. They were the only ones left without a square dance partner and […]

Five Worst Trees for Your Plumbing System in Sacramento

Sacramento is widely-known as “the City of Trees”. The tree canopy is thick with oak, elm, redbud, sycamores, and many more species that help shade Sacramento and give it the nickname “City of Trees”.  Trees provide many benefits to the greater Sacramento area. Trees cool our homes, streets, and city. Trees also clean the air, […]

True Bonney Stories of 5-Star Service!

A valued Bonney customer in Citrus Heights had a major sewer back-up in their mainline. The kitchen sink, washing machine, and toilets were all backing up. That’s when they called Bonney. The first thing our Bonney 5-star certified plumber did was test the laundry line in the garage. He found it was clogged and not […]

Common Causes of Sewer Line Clogs

When a clog develops in your sewer line, it can cause filthy sewage to back up from your drains and into your home. This often causes extensive damage to your flooring, walls and appliances. Not to mention the costs of addressing the clog and damaged plumbing. A simple way to avoid this disaster is to […]

Why is My Dishwasher Clogged?

Dishwasher clogs are a bit different than typical clogs because unlike a slow draining kitchen or bathroom sink, it’s more difficult to see a dishwasher clog developing. You might not realize it’s clogged until it’s too late, and a routine wash cycle ends up flooding your kitchen floor. When this happens to you, it’s important […]

Signs Your Sewer Line Needs Repair

Sewer line repairs can be tricky considering they’re not usually visible until it’s too late. In fact, many homeowners forget they have a sewer line until raw sewage backs up into the bathroom or kitchen drains, causing costly repairs to the furniture, electrical systems, flooring and other parts of the home. Not to mention, sewage […]