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Folsom Pinhole Water Leaks: Bonney Plumbing Insight

As you may have heard in recent news, homes in Folsom have been reporting pinhole leaks in their pipes. This issue has impacted roughly 220+ homes since mid-July. Understandably, the Folsom pinhole leaks have created widespread confusion and concern. In alignment with our commitment to serving the plumbing needs of our community, the experts at […]

7 Things to Look for in a Plumbing Company

Trusting a plumber with your home is a big responsibility, one that Bonney Plumbing does not take lightly. We hold ourselves to the highest industry standards to protect our customers and our community. However, not every plumbing company cares as much as we do. Whether you have recently moved or are looking for something new, […]

Everything You Need to Know about Home Water Systems

Do you ever notice white calcium deposits building up on your showerhead? Or foggy spots on your clean dishes? Does your shower make your hair and nails feel dry? These and other common inconveniences are caused by hard water.  Long-term, hard water can leave a lasting impact on your home.  These risks include damaged pipes […]

7 Benefits of Professional Drain Cleaning

When your drains become clogged, should you run to the store and grab drain cleaner or call a professional? While you may think that DIY drain solutions can save you money, they can actually cost homeowners more long-term. Additionally, cleaning your own drains can have you missing out on the benefits that professional service provides. […]

What Kind of Water Heater is Right For Me?

Is your water taking forever to heat? Does your hot water run out more quickly than it used to? Are you noticing pools of water around your unit? These are all signs that it may be time to replace your water heater. This is an exciting endeavor thanks to all of the emerging technology on […]

4 Professional Water Conservation Services For Big Savings

When it comes to conserving water, perhaps no state knows better than California.  As homes and businesses in and around Sacramento continue to boost water-saving efforts, they are also experiencing the financial benefits this shift brings. If you are ready to kickstart your water conservation efforts, Bonney is here to help! Here is a look […]

Do I Need a New Hot Water Heater?

When it comes to water heaters, it is essential to uphold routine maintenance and keep an eye on your unit for necessary repairs and signs of needed replacement. Waiting too long to replace your water heater can spell disaster for your home and could cost you a significant amount of money in wasted water, gas […]

Introducing Virtual Plumbing From Bonney

At Bonney, we understand the importance of social distancing during the COVID-19 outbreak; however, as an essential business, we do not want customers to have to choose between their safety and getting the plumbing service they need.  While we are working within the CDC guidelines to keep our services safe for customers, we recently created […]

COVID-19 and Pipe Safety: Avoid Flushing Wipes

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Sacramento residents are taking essential measures to protect their safety and the safety of others. These precautions include social distancing, thoroughly washing hands, and regularly wiping surfaces down with disinfectant. While it is essential to maintain these sanitation practices, it is also important to protect your plumbing lines. With the heightened […]

Bonney Plumbing Delivers 5-Star Service to Longtime Bonney Customers

We always appreciate our valued Bonney customers, especially longtime customers like John and Laverne McCumiskey of South Sacramento.  They first met at a big dance hall in Anchorage Alaska. Laverne was on one side of the room, and John was on the other. They were the only ones left without a square dance partner and […]