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Shutting Off Your Water Supply Easily and Safely

Sometimes little plumbing issues become big problems fast. In those moments, stopping the water so you can better assess the situation should be your number one priority. However, many people fear they won’t know what to do with themselves when the time comes for the water to be shut off. Living without water readily available […]

Congratulations to Our Bonney Gives Back Sweepstakes Winner!

Congratulations to Tawana L. of Citrus Heights who won a new Bradford White water heater courtesy of the “Bonney Gives Back Sweepstakes”. Tawana said, “I’m still shocked that I won, I’ve never won anything in my life”. Tawana had just bought her first home with her life savings but was in serious need of a new water […]

Homebuyer’s Checklist: How to Check a Home’s Plumbing Before Buying

Going on the hunt for your next dream home is an exciting process that signifies the next chapter in your life. Although you probably have an extensive list of aesthetic home features, don’t let yourself be so dazzled by the hardwood floors and stone countertops that you forget what’s important: function. As you’re touring potential […]

Bonney Delivers 5-Star Plumbing Service to Meals on Wheels  

It was a foggy morning drive to Woodland for 5-star certified Bonney plumbers Matt and Dwayne. They had an urgent water heater replacement job ahead of them. Meals on Wheels of Yolo County, which has been providing daily hot meals to seniors in the region for over 40 years,  was having major issues with their […]

Eradicating a Resilient Foe – Rust

Rust is a foe common to all people who have ever attempted to clean a bathroom. Rust flourishes in moisture rich areas, so it’s not surprising that metal bathroom fixtures frequently fall victim to its degradation. Cleaning rust can take a lot of effort if you’re not using the right chemicals, and certain chemicals can […]

Bonney Caught A Big One!

Bonney Caught A Big One! Check out the video of this monstrous clog. No matter how big or small a mainline clog is, Bonney Plumbing will clear and clean the clog with 5-Star Service! 

In Plumbing, What’s Rarer than a Triple Rainbow?

When it comes to the plumbing industry, it’s definitely a man’s world.  Just 1.1 percent of plumbers and those in related trades are women, according to data from the Labor Bureau. One woman squashing the stereotypes and taking a pipe wrench to the glass ceiling is Bonney’s 5-star certified plumber Colleen S.  It’s like having […]

Bonney’s Catch of the Day! Out in the Field with Bonney Sewer & Drain

It wasn’t just another typical morning for Bonney 5-star certified plumbing technicians Dustin and Robert.  A loyal Bonney client was having a troublesome mainline sewer back-up at their business. Dustin and Robert drove out to the location and discovered a manhole near the property was backing up. When Dustin removed the manhole cover he could […]

Are Liquid Drain Cleaners Safe to Use?

Liquid drain cleaners have long been considered the go-to solution for any homeowner’s drain problems. While they may seem like a quick and affordable fix for clogs or blockages, drain cleaning products often cause more harm than good. Caustic chemicals and questionable effectiveness make liquid drain cleaners less appealing than other drain clearing methods. Aggressive […]