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Will The End of the California Drought Affect Plumbing?

For the past few years, California has been facing exceptional and extreme drought conditions. However, the recent storms and winter precipitation has ended these conditions, and experts expect drought conditions to continue to improve this spring. While the end of the drought is welcome news to many in Sacramento, it could put your home’s plumbing under increased strain and cause some issues. If you’re interested in learning more about drought and plumbing systems in Sacramento, review our guide on how the end of the California drought might impact your home’s plumbing. 

How Does The Drought Ending Affect a Home’s Plumbing System?

When a drought in California ends, it’s usually great news for the environment and residents. However, it can negatively affect your home’s plumbing system—particularly your sewer lines and pipes. Learn more about the two main effects the end of drought can have on a Sacramento resident’s plumbing system below:

Greater Pressure on Potentially Corroded Sewer Lines

During the long drought season in California, many homeowners followed state recommendations to conserve water. When you save water during a drought, you’ll have less wastewater flowing through your sewer pipes. Over time, the lack of wastewater and other drought conditions can cause your sewer line to corrode.

With the drought ending, corroded lines will now have more wastewater to transport from your home. If your sewer line corroded during the drought, this uptick in wastewater could put too much pressure on the lines, resulting in cracks and leaks. A sewer line inspection from a trained plumber can help homeowners know if their lines have corroded and take action before a costly sewage issue occurs.

Higher Chance of Foundation Changes and Pipe Leaks

Alongside causing sewer lines to corrode, drought conditions can also impact your home’s foundation. If your home is built on top of expansive soil (usually soil that’s mostly clay), drought conditions can cause the soil to shrink, resulting in changes to your home’s foundation. After a drought, rain and other wet conditions can cause the soil to expand, which can affect your foundation too. Since Sacramento has many areas with expansive soil, your home’s foundation could be affected by the end of the drought.

A change in your home’s foundation can cause several problems, including issues with your plumbing system. As your foundation changes, it can break pipes and severely impact your plumbing system’s ability to carry water into your home and waste out of it. If your home shows signs of foundation issues, such as sloping floors, unaligned windows, or wall and siding cracks, you’ll likely want a plumber to inspect your pipes to see if they’ve been affected.

How Can Plumbing Service Prepare Your Home for the End of the Drought?

Due to the potential strains on your home’s plumbing system that the end of the drought can create, most homeowners can likely benefit from plumbing services. As you start to use more water in your home, one of the best things you can do for your plumbing system is to have it inspected. 

At Bonney, our certified plumbers can provide a full inspection of your sewer lines and pipes with specialized drain cameras. If we find that your plumbing system has corrosion or leaks, our team can usually solve the problem with a trenchless repair option. With a trenchless repair, we’ll simply insert an industrial-grade slave saturated in epoxy into your pipes or lines, effectively creating a pipe within a pipe. This method of repair ensures we don’t have to dig up your yard and can complete the repair faster.

Choose Bonney for Plumbing Service Near You in Sacramento

If you’re looking for drought and plumbing services in Sacramento, Bonney can help. Our certified plumbers can inspect your sewage system and pipes for signs of damage and provide any needed repairs to prepare your plumbing system for increased use. We also offer Bonney Beyond, which is an annual maintenance plan where we’ll regularly inspect and maintain your plumbing system. To ensure our clients can always receive plumbing services within their budget, we provide multiple financing services and coupons.

Learn more about our plumbing services near you in Sacramento today. If you have any questions or want to schedule an appointment, please contact us