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Sacramento Solar Water Heater Repair and Installation.

One of the benefits of living in Sacramento is the many sunny days we enjoy.  As well as lifting your mood, why not let the sun heat your water as well?  A solar thermal water heating system can provide significant savings on your utility bills.  With over 35 years of plumbing experience, let the professionals at Bonney install a solar thermal water heating system for you. (If you are looking for Bonney’s solar electric system, click here.)

How Solar Water Heating Works | Bonney
How Solar Water Heating Works

Solar electric systems get a lot of attention, but did you know that solar water heating systems save 5 times the energy at 1/5 the cost?

How Solar Hot Water Heaters Work

Bonney’s solar thermal water heating system utilizes a collector which is located on your roof.  As the water in the panel heats up, it is circulated through a heat exchanger, which transfers heat to the water in your home.  Storage tanks are frequently added to the system to best utilize the energy collected.  Bonney technicians will create the best system for you depending on your application.

Solar thermal and tankless water heaters work hand in hand to provide an incredibly efficient water heating system.  When stored water from your solar thermal system is not hot enough for your needs, the tankless heater has the ability to supplement with only the energy needed to meet your demand.  For example, if the sun is able to heat your water to 80 degrees, but you need 120, the tankless heater will only provide enough heat to heat the extra 40 degrees.  This system makes the best use of the sun, and the least use of natural or LP gas for energy.  With energy prices becoming more and more volatile, this system provides long term, inexpensive security.