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4 Common Electrical Problems in HVAC Units: When to Call a Pro

In today’s do-it-yourself (DIY) world, many people think that pulling up a YouTube video is the best way to take care of repairs around the house. While this may work for some minor situations, it can get tricky when it comes to bigger issues. Since electrical work can be dangerous to handle on your own, leaving the work to a professional can ensure you don’t get injured in the process. 

Even when you think the problem is small and requires an easy fix, you could be electrocuted and your electrical system damaged even more if you go the DIY route. As you try to keep your home’s electrical system in good shape, review some of the top electrical problems and when you should call a professional to fix them.

1. The AC Unit Has Stopped Working

You turn on your HVAC system, but nothing happens. There are no whirring noises indicating the HVAC system is starting up, so you try again. Still nothing. The thermostat seems to be working just fine, but the system just won’t start. 

First, check to make sure the thermostat shows the correct setting. For example, if your AC isn’t kicking on, it could be due to you having set the thermostat too high and your home is already at or below the set temperature. If you notice your thermostat is set too high, lower it to a temperature below your home’s current temperature. If that doesn’t fix the problem and your HVAC system won’t kick on, check your circuit breakers and switches.

Once you’ve concluded that neither of these is causing the problem, contact a professional HVAC technician since the issue is likely caused by an electrical problem. Whatever the issue, you need a trained HVAC technician to make the electrical repair

2. Your Energy Bill Is High

When your utility bill suddenly skyrockets, and you’ve been carrying on business as usual, it could mean there’s an issue with the HVAC unit. Usually, the answer to this problem is to simply change the filter, as your unit will have to work harder to cool your home if you have a clogged filter.

But, if the bill for the following month is the same or even higher, contact an expert technician  (contact an expert HVAC contractor) as soon as possible to see if an electrical problem is causing the issue.  They can inspect the entire HVAC system to make sure it is operating in manufacturer specs.  They can inspect the unit and take a look around the home to find the source of the spike in energy use.

3. Wiring Issues

Your HVAC system has several different wiring systems that can experience wear over time. If your wires are disconnected, corroded, or fraying, they can make it so your HVAC doesn’t work properly or even turn on. Sometimes, writing issues can also cause more wear on other parts of your system, as your system may have to work harder to compensate for the damaged wires.

Typically, these wiring issues are caused by a disruption in the electricity. An HVAC technician can inspect your unit to find the source of the wiring problem and repair it for you.  Regular HVAC and electrical inspections can also catch wiring issues early, preventing them from worsening and affecting other parts of your HVAC system.

4. Improper Connections

One simple problem that can impact your AC’s performance and electrical flow is improper connections. If your connections are loose, your AC won’t perform at its best. Fortunately, an HVAC technician can fix this issue quickly by tightening your HVAC system’s connections. Routine AC maintenance can also check for loose connections and solve them before they can majorly disrupt your HVAC system’s performance.

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