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How an Air Purifier Can Help Keep You Safe from the Cold & Flu Season

As winter draws closer and it starts getting colder outdoors, the rates of the common cold and flu will rise. While washing your hands regularly and getting your flu shot can help lower the risk you get sick this winter, you can better protect yourself during cold and flu season with an air purifier at your home. With the right air purifier cleaning your air, you can lower the risk that viruses and germs circulate through your home and make you sick.

How Air Purifiers Protect You From Colds and the Flu

Over cold and flu season, you need protection from viruses and bacteria that lead to the flu and the common cold. Without an air purifier in your home, viruses and bacteria will freely float through your air and recirculate through your HVAC system, raising the chances you get sick. A great air purifier will either trap or kill bacteria and viruses in your air, reducing the risk that you make contact with them and come down with an illness.

Alongside removing harmful viruses and bacteria that could circulate in your home, a good air purifier will reduce dust and other allergens in your home’s air. Since a recent study suggests that influenza viruses can spread via microscopic dust particles, an air purifier that decreases dust is a smart investment. 

With a high-quality air purifier, you can reduce the chance that airborne dust carrying an influenza virus infects you with the flu. Besides better controlling a possible spreader of the flu, a good air purifier will also help you breathe easier in your home, especially if you have allergies. By reducing allergens like pet dander, dust, and pollen, you’ll likely breathe easier and suffer less from allergy symptoms while inside your home.

What Air Purifiers Offer the Best Protection From the Flu and Colds?

Now that you know the benefits of some air purifiers, you might wonder what air purifiers will provide you with the best protection. Instead of going with a standard free-standing model that takes up room in your home, you may want to consider a unit that installs directly inside your HVAC system or ducts. The iWave Bi-Polar Ionization Air Purifier and the Air Scrubber Plus Air and Surface Cleaner are both exceptionally discreet air purification devices that provide superior protection from viruses and bacteria that cause the flu and the common cold.

iWave systems install directly inside HVAC units and utilize needlepoint bi-polar ionization to neutralize live airborne contaminants. Essentially, needlepoint bi-polar ionization eliminates viruses, mold, and bacteria that can spread disease by killing the hydrogen particles these contaminants require to live. iWave systems also cause dust, pollen, and dirt to clump together, so your HVAC system’s filters can more easily catch them and stop them from continuing to circulate throughout your home. 

Like iWave systems, the Air Scrubber Plus is a discrete device that can kill contaminants that cause the flu or common cold. These devices are installed directly inside your duct system and release scrubber ions hydroperoxides into your air. As these scrubbers spread throughout your home, they’ll combat bacteria, mold, and viruses on surfaces and in the air, with results showing they eliminate up to 99.9% of many common surface and airborne contaminants. By eliminating contaminants in your home, you’ll be less likely to get sick from the flu or common cold.

Choose Bonney for Air Purifier Installation Services in Sacramento

If you’re looking for air purifier installation services near you in Sacramento or the surrounding areas, Bonney can help. Once you contact us, our HVAC technicians can walk you through your air purification options and give you the information needed to make the best decision for your home. Next, we’ll install whatever unit you choose, such as an iWave device or the Air Scrubber Plus. When you want to purchase an air purifier but need to stick to your budget, make sure to check out our financing options and coupons.

Learn more about our indoor air quality solutions today. If you have any questions or want to schedule an appointment, please contact us.