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iWave Air Purifier: Everything You Need to Know

Whether it’s viruses, allergens, or a variety of other harmful particles, you probably don’t want them in the air you breathe, especially when you’re at home. Instead of trying to protect yourself with an inefficient or costly traditional air purifier, you might want to consider using an iWave device. These air purification systems offer a unique and effective solution to multiple types of air pollutants and contaminants, ensuring your home’s air is as clean as possible.

What Are iWave Air Purifiers?

iWave devices are air purifiers installed inside your HVAC unit and use needlepoint bi-polar ionization to comprehensively clean your home’s air. As the device runs, it distributes positive and negative ions into your home’s air. 

After the device generates these ions, they attach to dangerous particles, like bacteria, pollutants, and viruses, breaking them down and decreasing the number of them in your home. The ions also reduce airborne gases, pollutants, dust, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and other particles by making these particles band together so your ventilation system’s air filter can more easily capture them.

Why Is an iWave System a Good Investment?

When you want to breathe the cleanest air at your home, an iWave system is an excellent investment. Alongside these devices’ exceptional air purification performance, they reduce the likelihood you get sick, come with no maintenance requirements, provide air purification for your whole home, and are incredibly discreet. Learn more about the benefits of iWave systems below:

Exceptional air purification performance without any dangerous byproducts

The first quality you’ll want to look for in an air purifier is its ability to purify your air. Since the iWave system uses bi-polar ionization, it excels at safely cleaning your air and breaking down harmful compounds. Unlike other ozone-producing air purifiers (such as those that rely on photocatalytic oxidation), iWave systems use bipolar ionization, meaning you get clean air without the risks to human health that ozone-generating devices can cause.

Protection from sicknesses due to viruses, bacteria, and mold

As the ions from the iWave system spread through your home, they’ll target the hydrogen molecules contained in pathogens. Once they remove these molecules, the pathogens won’t be able to survive. As a result, you’ll be less likely to get sick. The iWave has even proven itself to be effective at reducing SARS-CoV-2 Delta, which is the virus that causes COVID-19.

Maintenance-free air purification

Compared to other air purifiers that need regular air filter replacements, cleanings, and other types of maintenance, self-cleaning iWave models are totally maintenance-free for their entire life. iWave systems also don’t require any replacement parts, meaning you’ll never have to purchase any new parts or hire someone to replace broken parts for you.

Whole-home coverage

While freestanding air purifiers usually have to be placed in every room you want to purify, you only need one iWave device to cover your entire home. This whole-home coverage makes iWave systems much more convenient than traditional air purifiers, as you’ll never have to move a bulky device from room to room to clean your air. Instead, a professional will install your iWave model in your HVAC system, and you can trust the iWave to work its magic throughout your entire home.

Cost-effective in the long-term

Since iWave systems don’t have any maintenance requirements and don’t require replacement parts, they’re often more cost-effective in the long run compared to other air purifiers. After you pay for the model, you won’t have to buy new filters or hire anyone to make repairs. This lack of long-term costs means you can save money by purchasing an iWave instead of another type of air purifier.

Discreet placement

If you’re worried an iWave system will be an eyesore like other air purifiers, you don’t need to be. A certified technician will install an iWave system directly into your HVAC system, meaning you’ll never have to see it after it’s installed. Its discreet placement sets it apart from other air purifiers that have to sit out in the open, taking up spacing and ruining the look of a room.

Choose Bonney for New iWave Installation in Sacramento

If you need iWave air purifier installation in Sacramento, Bonney can help. Our team can quickly install an iWave system directly into your HVAC system, ensuring it’s put into operation correctly. When you’re unsure if an iWave system is right for your air quality needs, we can also help you choose between the best air purification options on the market. Additionally, you can review our coupons to see if you qualify for one of our incredible deals.

Learn more about our indoor air quality solutions today. If you’re ready to schedule a new iWave installation or have any questions, please contact us.