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Which Kind of AC System Is Right for My Home?

If your air conditioning system has broken down and you need a new AC for your home, it’s important you carefully review the main types of cooling systems to select the right one for your home. From whole-home systems and window units to stand-alone models and mini-splits, you have plenty of options to choose from. As you look for the right AC system for your home, you should know more about the main systems you should avoid and how to select the correct one for your needs.

What AC Systems Should I Avoid?

You can find plenty of great AC systems on the market, but there are a few types you should probably avoid. For example, window ACs are individual units that are usually installed in windows and tend to be an eyesore in most homes. Besides being unattractive, window units are very noisy and less energy-efficient than central AC systems.

Stand-alone air conditioners are another option you’ll want to avoid. These portable air conditioners can be moved from room to room, but you’ll need to connect them to a power outlet. They also have a hose that serves as an exhaust for the warmer air that needs to be connected to a window. Due to their design, these units make a lot of noise, struggle to cool large rooms, and take up floor space in your home.

What AC Systems Tend To Be a Great Choice for Homes?

While stand-alone and window units aren’t usually a good choice for homeowners, whole-home systems and mini-split units can be more suitable choices. As you consider these two options, learn more about how to choose between them below:

The Difference Between Whole-Home Systems and Mini-Split Units

Central air conditioning refers to a whole-home AC system that utilizes a split system and your home’s ducts to cool your home. With one of these systems, you’ll have an indoor AC unit featuring an air handler and evaporator coils and an outdoor unit containing a compressor and condenser. These units remove heat from your air with refrigerant, pull the heat outdoors, and push cool air through your ducts. If you have existing ductwork, this option is truly the best choice for your home. 

In contrast to whole-home units, mini-split units don’t use your home’s ducts. Instead, ductless mini-split air conditioners connect their indoor units to an outdoor compressor with a conduit that passes through a sealed hole in the wall. The indoor units are typically mounted to a wall or ceiling, and since they’re smaller units, they usually need to be installed in every room to cool an entire home. As the less efficient option, this is commonly only used in a few scenarios, such as historic homes without ductwork. 

How to Choose Between a Whole-Home AC System or Mini-Split Units

As you decide between whole-home AC systems or mini-split units, the first thing you’ll want to consider is if your home has existing ductwork. Naturally, homes with ductwork will want to stick with a whole-home AC system, as a central AC system offers several advantages for whole-home cooling.

For example, central air conditioners provide better air ventilation, as they pull in fresh air from the outdoors and circulate it throughout your home. In contrast, mini-split systems only condition air already inside your home. Whole-home AC systems can also meet a large home’s demands without needing individual units in every room. Additionally, central air conditioners usually come with lower initial costs, as purchasing and installing new mini-splits can be fairly expensive.

Meanwhile, mini-split systems have an edge when it comes to expansion cooling. These systems can be added to an attic, garage, or sunroom to provide comfort without renovating your ductwork. 

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