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5 Benefits of Mini-Split AC Systems

Before the summer heat comes, you might be wondering how you can cool a small area of your home or stand-alone structure that doesn’t have central AC. Fortunately, investing in a mini-split air conditioner installation can do the trick. Since a mini-split system can make a great addition to a garage, shed, workshop, or room without central AC, learn more about how these systems work and their main benefits.

What Are Mini-Split AC Systems?

Unlike a traditional air conditioner where a single unit distributes air throughout the ducts in your home, mini-split AC systems don’t require air ducts to work. Instead, mini-split units are individually installed in specific rooms or small stand-alone structures to provide temperature regulation. These units come with an individual fan and evaporator coil and are connected to an outdoor unit via a refrigerant line. They also feature cooling and heating settings, ensuring you can always stay comfortable, no matter the season.

5 Advantages of Mini-Split AC Systems

Ductless mini-split AC systems provide several advantages to homeowners who have smaller rooms or stand-alone structures that need air conditioning but don’t have any ducts. Besides being great for ductless homes or rooms, mini-split AC systems also offer energy-efficient temperature regulation, multiple placement options, quiet operation, and exceptional indoor air quality. Learn more about the top five benefits of these systems below:

1. Convenient Air Conditioning in Traditionally Difficult to Cool Areas

If you’re trying to add air conditioning to a workroom, garage, shed, or other room without air ducts, it can be incredibly costly and time-consuming to install a central AC system to cool it. Unlike central AC systems, a mini-split system is easy to install in hard-to-cool rooms and will start working immediately without needing any ducts installed. Due to their ductless design, these systems conveniently cool a room or small stand-alone structure without requiring you to pay for expensive installation for another type of AC unit.

2. Energy-Efficient Cooling

Compared to central ACs, mini-split AC systems tend to offer more energy efficiency. Since mini-split units work independently, you can keep one running while turning the rest off. With AC mini splits installed throughout your home, you can reduce your energy consumption by only turning them on when you need them. This efficiency keeps your energy costs low and reduces your carbon footprint.

3. Small Size and Different Placement Options

Though some mini-split models are designed to stand on the floor, you can find many models that can hang off a wall or be suspended from a ceiling. These different placement options make it easy for you to find a location for them that fits your aesthetic preferences. These units are also small, making them a discreet cooling or heating option.

4. Quiet Operation

Another advantage of mini-split systems is the minimal noise they produce. While older models might be loud, newer mini-split systems tend to have their fans run at lower speeds, reducing their noise while still giving effective cooling or heating. Besides mini-split systems’ minimal fan noise, their condenser is located in their outdoor unit to keep their operation quiet.

5. Exceptional Air Quality

When you have a central AC system, your air will have to pass through ducts where it will pick up debris, dust, pollen, and dirt. When the air exits your ducts, it will spread anything it picked up into your home. Mini-split AC units don’t rely on ducts and usually have a filtration system, meaning they deliver better air quality. Since these units won’t put allergens, bacteria, dust, or other debris into your air, you’ll breathe easier with one of these units installed in your home.

Choose Bonney for Mini-Split Air Conditioner Installation in Sacramento

If you need mini-split air conditioner installation in Sacramento, Concord, or the surrounding areas, turn to Bonney. Our team of HVAC professionals is trained to install any brand of mini-split systems, such as those from Mitsubishi and Fujitsu. We can also help you decide on the right model for your needs, ensuring you receive the most efficient and reliable unit possible.

Learn more about our mini-split AC installation services today. If you’re ready to schedule an appointment or have any questions, please contact us.