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4 Signs You Need Home Sealing and Insulation Replacement Services

If your energy bills are spiraling out of control or your home cannot stay at a consistent indoor temperature, you might need insulation replacement and home sealing services. A house that isn’t adequately sealed will make your HVAC system work harder to cool or heat your home and significantly reduce your comfort. Instead of living with high energy bills and uncomfortable indoor drafts, learn more about home sealing services and the four main signs you need them.

What Are Home Sealing Services?

We all know what insulation replacement is, but what about home sealing? Home sealing is an HVAC service that eliminates air leakage from your home by repairing any cracks, gaps, and holes in your insulation. A home sealing expert will inspect your house to find areas where air can escape and then take action to eliminate any openings to the outdoors.

Since home sealing services will eliminate holes or gaps in your home, they provide several benefits. Some of the top advantages of these services include reduced energy bills and more consistent indoor temperatures. Home sealing also prevents moisture, eliminates indoor drafts, and lowers the risk of rodent infestations, leading to greater indoor comfort and a safer home.

The Top 4 Signs You Need Home Sealing and Insulation Services

Due to the many benefits of home sealing services, it’s essential to know when they might be required. Learn more about the four primary signs that you need sealing and insulation services below:

1. Your Home’s Temperature Fluctuates Consistently

When your home never seems to stay at the temperature you set your thermostat, an air leak might be the cause. Since ineffective insulation allows air to escape and makes it so your home isn’t sealed off from the outside temperatures, they can cause temperature fluctuations. For example, your home may struggle to stay cool in the summer if your home is allowing cold air to leak out and hot summer air to leak in. 

2. Rooms in Your Home Feel Drafty

You shouldn’t feel drafts of air in your home unless you’ve purposely left a window or door open. If you notice drafts of air around your home, there’s a good chance it needs to be better sealed to prevent outside air from getting inside your home. You’ll also want to look out for drafts around your crawlspace or attic, as these areas tend to be vulnerable to wind drafts.

3. Your Energy Bills Have Risen Unexpectedly 

While rising energy bills can signal other issues with your home or HVAC system, they can be a sign your home isn’t adequately sealed. Essentially, when your home has insulation gaps that allow air to leak out, your HVAC system will run longer to cool or heat your home, leading to increased energy usage and higher utility bills. By replacing the insulation, your HVAC system won’t have to run as long and use as much energy to keep your home at your desired temperature.

4. You See More Pests Around Your Home

A crack or gap in insulation is practically an open invitation to critters. A home that isn’t adequately sealed will often deal with more pests, as insects and small rodents will sneak through cracks and create nests throughout your house. While traps and sprays can help reduce the number of critters, they won’t ever entirely stop them. In contrast, home insulation and sealing services will plug up access points to prevent pests from getting inside in the first place.

What to Do If You Notice Any of the Above Signs

If you’re experiencing any of the above signs, contact an HVAC company for insulation services near you. After contacting a trusted HVAC company, they should thoroughly inspect your home to look for air leaks. Even if they can’t find an air leak, their inspection should reveal the cause of whatever issue you’re experiencing.

Choose Bonney for Home Sealing Service Near You

If you’re interested in receiving home insulation service near you in Sacramento, turn to Bonney. When you choose us for home sealing services, our insulation experts will provide a comprehensive inspection of your home to find any existing leaks. Once our assessment is done, our team will share the results with you and provide any needed repairs to seal your home thoroughly. Alongside our home sealing services, we offer various financing options and coupons to ensure our services meet your budget.

To receive our home sealing or insulation services, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to schedule an appointment.