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5 Benefits of Upgraded Home Insulation

When your energy bills are higher than normal, you notice inconsistent home temperatures, your HVAC system stays on longer, or you’ve seen extra critters in your home—these are all signs your home might have damaged insulation. Fortunately, home insulation services can prevent these negative effects and provide several benefits. Essentially, home insulation services upgrade your insulation to keep hot or cool air in your home. 

If you’re looking for insulation services in Sacramento, learn more about the top five benefits of upgrading your home’s insulation.

1. More Consistent Indoor Temperatures

Gaps, holes, cracks, and other air leaks in your home can impact HVAC air distribution. Without proper insulation throughout your home, you’ll likely notice inconsistent indoor temperatures in different rooms. For example, a properly sealed and insulated room will more easily reach your desired temperature, while one with cracks in the insulation will constantly fluctuate as it releases comfortable air outdoors.

Insulation services address this issue by ensuring your home’s rooms don’t allow air to escape. These services also stop cold winter air or hot summer heat from getting inside. After receiving home insulation services, you’ll receive more consistent indoor temperatures, resulting in a more comfortable home year-round.

2. Reduced Energy Bills and Greater Energy Efficiency

If your home isn’t properly insulated and sealed, the air your HVAC system produces will escape outdoors. This escaped air will cause your HVAC system to work harder to produce enough cool or hot air to keep your home at your set temperature. As a result, your HVAC system will need to work harder and longer to maintain your home’s temperature. Besides raising your energy bills, leaks and damaged insulation will waste energy, reducing your home’s energy efficiency and increasing its environmental footprint.

Insulating your home will prevent air from escaping and reduce your energy bills. In fact, the Environmental Protection Agency has found that homeowners can save an average of 11% on their total energy costs by insulating their homes. Alongside reducing costs, insulation services will lower your home’s environmental footprint by helping your HVAC system run more efficiently.

3. Eliminates Indoor Drafts

If you’ve ever felt a draft of wind in your home, even though your windows or doors aren’t open, you likely have a problem with your home’s insulation. As more outdoor air breezes into your home, it can push the air your HVAC system has cooled or heated outside. With outdoor air filtering into your home and blowing the inside air out, your home will struggle to stay at the appropriate temperature, and you’ll be less comfortable.

Home insulation services solve indoor drafts by fixing damaged insulation cracks that allow wind inside. After the services are completed, you’ll be more comfortable, as wind gusts won’t make it into your home.

4. Prevents Moisture

When your home’s insulation isn’t in good condition, it won’t just let air in. It can also allow moisture and humidity to get inside and damage your insulation. With home insulation services, you can prevent moisture from leaking into your home and causing greater issues or insulation damage.

5. Immediate ROI

The effects of updated insulation are immediate. Your home’s HVAC system will not experience as much strain keeping you home at a set temperature. 

Choose Bonney for Insulation Services in Sacramento

If you’re looking for home insulation services near you in Sacramento, Bonney has you covered. Once you schedule an insulation appointment, our experts will inspect your home to evaluate its current insulation. Once we identify problem areas, we can repair or replace damaged insulation and seal up any cracks. We also offer multiple coupons and financing options to ensure you can receive our insulation services while staying within budget.

If you’re interested in home insulation services in Sacramento, please contact us to schedule an appointment.