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Why Your Water Heater Needs Service Each Fall

As the summer heat fades away, you might notice that it takes a little longer for your water to heat up. These longer heating times happen in the fall and winter, as the water coming into your water heater will be colder and your water heater will have to work harder to heat it. Since your water heater will have to expend more energy and run longer to heat your water, the fall is a perfect time to invest in a few water heater maintenance services.

Why Is Fall a Good Time for Water Heater Services?

If you’re still on the fence about whether you should invest in water heater services this fall, learn more about the top reasons why the fall is a good time for water heater services below:

  • Maintenance can prepare the unit for the winter: While your water heater will start working harder in the fall, it won’t need to combat the consistent, cold temperatures of the winter. As a result, the fall is a good time to have a professional plumber inspect your water heater and ensure it won’t struggle during the winter.
  • Inspections can prevent unexpected breakdowns: Almost no one wants to have to take a cold shower over the winter. By scheduling a water heater inspection and routine maintenance in the fall, you can lower the chances you have to go without hot water during the coldest months. With an inspection, you can ensure any needed water heater repairs or services are performed before they end up damaging your unit when you need warm water the most.
  • Fall service gives you time to repair or replace your unit: If your water heater needs to be repaired or replaced, it’s best to handle the issue in the fall. When you schedule water heater maintenance in the fall, you’ll give yourself time to repair your unit before the winter. Scheduling services for the fall also gives you time to choose the right type of water heater for your home if you end up needing a full replacement.
  • Professional advice can ensure safety: To combat the winter cold, some homeowners like to turn their water heater’s thermostat up. However, setting the water heater’s thermostat too high can lead to scalding. Instead of adjusting the temperature yourself, a professional plumber can give you advice on how much higher you can safely set your water heater. If they determine that it’s safe to raise your water temperature, they can save you the hassle of changing the temperature by doing it for you.

Top Fall Water Heater Services to Perform This Fall

As you prepare for the winter, your water heater can likely benefit from a few water heater services. Find out more about the top water heater repair and maintenance services to schedule during the fall below:

  • Water heater inspection: A water heater inspection performed by a certified plumber is one of the easiest ways to determine whether your water heater is ready for the winter. With an inspection from a professional, you can verify that your water heater doesn’t require any work. As the plumber performs their inspection, they’ll check your water heater’s anode rod, the tank’s condition, the temperature it’s set to, its insulation, and a variety of other parts. 
  • Water heater flushes: If your water heater has a tank, it should be flushed twice a year, as sediment and minerals can build up on the tank’s bottom. When this sediment isn’t flushed away, it can corrode your tank and make it more difficult for your water heater to perform at its best. Since water heater flushes are recommended at least once a year, scheduling one before the winter is an excellent choice.
  • Water heater repairs: Alongside a water heater flush and inspection, the fall is also a good time for any water heater repair services. Even if the repairs aren’t urgent, it’s a good idea to handle them now before the winter puts more strain on the water heater. Handling repairs early can also save you money, as small issues can often grow into larger, more costly ones if they’re not quickly addressed.

Choose Bonney for Water Heater Service in Sacramento

When you need water heater service near you in Sacramento, Bonney is ready to help. Our certified plumbers can provide water heater maintenance and repairs to ensure your unit is ready for the winter. If a repair can’t fix the issue, our team offers water heater replacement services, where we’ll remove your old unit and replace it with a new one. Besides offering standard replacement water heater models, we can install tankless and solar water heaters. Additionally, we have various financing options to ensure any water heater service we perform meets your budget. Learn more about our water heater maintenance, repair, and replacement services today. If you have any questions or want to schedule an appointment, please contact us.