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5 Electrician Services Your Home May Need

Your home’s electrical system is often out of sight, out of mind. However, as your house gets older, the wires living behind your walls face more challenges than you might expect. Getting the electrical services you need before they create trouble in your home can save you thousands of dollars in damage. The Sacramento-area electricians at Bonney are here with a look at 5 electrician services your home may need. 

Electric Panel Replacement 

If you have an older home, you are likely due for some main panel upgrades. When older homes were built, there were not as many electrical needs. As such, these panels easily become overwhelmed, leading to frequent breaker trips. Electric panel replacement is often necessary to increase your home’s capability and safety. 

Older main panels were often made by brands that have since lost their UL certification due to fire hazards. Check your panel to see if it includes names like Zinsco, Bulldog, or FPE. Not only are these (and many other) brands no longer supported or UL listed, they also will not have any service replacement parts available. This will lead to delayed and extensive service down the road when an issue inevitably arises. 

Electric Car Charging Station Installation

As electric vehicles gain popularity, they are helping drivers skip the pump and save money. However, many drivers are finding new troubles when it comes to charging their vehicles. If you plug your car into a standard volt, it can cause your circuit to become overloaded and trip. This issue is especially common in homes that also have outdoor refrigerators. If your circuit trips overnight, you could wake up to a dead car battery and a refrigerator full of spoiled food. Constant tripping is also bad for your breaker and your home wiring. Truthfully, most homes were not built to support car chargers without intervention from an electrician.

Many homeowners are sidestepping these troubles by having an electrician install a level 2 electric vehicle charging station in their home. Popular brands like Tesla and ClipperCreek chargers will give you quick, sustainable charging from the comfort of your garage. Your electrician will install a 240 V plug and a dedicated branch circuit to avoid any electrical troubles. You can skip the public chargers and extra fees while enjoying unmatched convenience. Save even more money by seeing if you qualify for a rebate or tax credit on your electric vehicle charger and installation.

Electrical Safety Inspection

Are you getting ready for a home upgrade? An electrical home safety inspection can help. A professional can check to see if your home can safely manage upgrades and advise you on steps you can take to get ready for your project. Whether you are getting a pool, renovating your space, or completing another home project, your first step should be an electrical safety inspection.

Safety inspections are also a part of routine home maintenance. These professional checks will ensure that none of your outlets, wirings, or fixtures pose a threat to you or your home. This examination extends to your smoke alarms, electrical panel, and so much more. Safety inspections are often included in your annual maintenance contract

Whole-House Surge Protector

As the name suggests, a whole-house surge protector is designed to protect your home from power surges. Unfortunately, power surges are more common than most homeowners would like to believe. These hazards can be triggered by lightning, fallen power lines, faulty/damaged electrical wiring, problems with a utility company’s power lines, and natural disasters. A surge can also occur when power resumes after an outage or when large appliances in your home turn on and off. 

As this extra power flows through the wires in your home, it can damage any electronics, appliances, and devices plugged into the wall. A whole-house surge protector is installed directly into your electrical panel to counteract any spikes in your power. These devices are an easy solution to offer peace of mind and protection against thousands of dollars in damage. 

Whole-House Rewire

For some homes, a few small electrical upgrades will not do the trick. Continually replacing dated parts like If you need a complete overhaul of your home’s electrical system, a whole-house rewire may be for you. This electrical service:

  • Removes old, outdated wiring and upgrades your home to copper wiring. 
  • Installs a third wire in homes without grounding.
  • Protects your home, appliances, and devices from electrical damage and fires caused by outdated wiring.
  • Gets all of your outlets up-to-date with the latest codes—including AFCI and GFCI circuit needs

Additionally, this service provides comprehensive convenience. When you continually make upgrades as needed, you will find yourself facing multiple service calls and living in a patchwork of electrical installations. A whole-house rewire is a convenient, all-in-one solution to electrical troubles. 

Electricians in the Sacramento Area: Bonney

If you are due for electrical service, the professionals at Bonney are here for you. We can help you protect your home, belongings, and safety with unmatched service and high-quality care. Bonney’s team of electricians proudly serves the greater Sacramento area, including Vacaville, Roseville, Carmichael, Sacramento, Citrus Heights, Folsom, Rancho Cordova, Gold River, Fair Oaks, Natomas, La Riviera, Rosemont, and beyond! You can explore our coupons page or make your appointment here online to get started today!