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A Guide to Electric Vehicle Home Charging Stations

With improvements continuing for electric vehicles, cities across the country are working to upgrade EV charging accessibility. Sacramento has been a leading example of these initiatives, with plans to install 3,800 charging stations by 2025. As such, more and more drivers are turning to electric vehicles to save money and protect the environment. However, many are choosing to skip the public stations and charge at home. The electrical professionals at Bonney are here with insight on home EV charging stations

Home vs. Public Electric Vehicle Charging

Making charging more accessible in public is proven to help promote EV uptake. However, even with available public stations, EV drivers seem to prefer the ease and convenience of home charging. A University of California study recently revealed that a majority of drivers (88%) relied primarily on home charging. 53% of EV drivers exclusively charge at home. Why? A few considerations help make home charging an attractive option for drivers:

  • The most convenient time to charge is often overnight while the vehicle is not in use. 
  • Customers get to take advantage of consistently low electric rates.
  • Availability is never a problem with home charging stations.
  • Payment is made easy with the costs being incorporated into monthly utility bills.
  • The safety of your vehicle is never a concern with home charging.
  • Overnight charging ensures the longest possible driving ranges each day.

Are there any downsides to home charging?

Many drivers rely on “trickle” chargers at home. Level 1 EVSE (the chargers that come standard with electric vehicles) often take much longer to recharge EV batteries. Without the right equipment, slow repowering can be one downside to home charging. As a solution, many homeowners are having Level 2 EVSE home charging stations installed by a professional electrician. Let’s dive into two popular options: the Tesla Wall Connector and the Clipper Creek Level 2 Charging Stations.  

Tesla Home Charging Station Installation

The Tesla Wall Connector is a powerful and convenient residential charging station designed for Tesla vehicles only. It provides up to 44 miles of range each hour—letting you wake up each morning with a fully charged battery. For homes with more than one Tesla, the power-share feature lets you evenly distribute charging power without overwhelming your home’s capacity. 

Which vehicles can you charge with the Tesla Home Charging Station? 

Currently, this charging solution is compatible with Tesla Model S, Model 3, Model X, and Model Y.

Can you DIY a Tesla Wall Connector installation? 

Tesla Wall Connectors must be installed by a qualified electrician (like those at Bonney). The installation process requires advanced wiring solutions that must be completed by an experienced professional. DIY installation could lead to harm, damage your equipment, and void your warranty.

ClipperCreek Level 2 EVSE

ClipperCreek designs powerful, reliable, best-selling charging stations for a wide variety of electric vehicle brands and models. Their equipment accommodates BMW, Ford, Audi, Chevrolet, Toyota, Mini, Honda, Subaru, Cadillac, Jeep, Kia, and so many others. You simply need to find a ClipperCreek partner—like Bonney—to get started. 

How can you get an EV charger installed in your home? 

You can access the quick charging power of public stations from the convenience and comfort of your home in a few simple steps:

  • First, our electricians will complete a free in-home evaluation to ensure your home can support a charging station installation. 
  • Next, we help you find the right electric vehicle charging station for your home, budget, and vehicle. 
  • Then, our electricians will install a 240 V plug in your garage on an independent circuit. This will prevent your vehicle charger from overwhelming any of your existing circuits. 
  • Finally, we will install your Level 2 EVSE to get your home fully equipped with an electric vehicle charging station. 

Bonney Residential EV Charging Station Installation in Sacramento

Are you ready to get your own charging station installed in your Sacramento home or business? The professional electricians at Bonney are here for you. We are partnered with both Tesla and ClipperCreek to bring the latest EV charging solutions to your door. Best of all, you can schedule a FREE in-home evaluation to ensure home charging is the right solution for you. Bonney proudly offers this service to the greater Sacramento area, including Rancho Cordova, Folsom, Auburn, Placerville, Walnut Grove, Roseville, Woodland, Lincoln, and beyond. You can make your appointment with our local electricians here online or contact Bonney to get started today!