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Turning Your AC On For The First Time—Is Your Unit Ready?

As the temperatures begin warming across the Sacramento area, many homeowners are beginning to kick on their AC systems for the first time this year. You might find yourself wondering if your AC is ready for the warmer months. Before you flip your thermostat to “cool,” it is essential that you give your air conditioner care and considerations it needs. Here is a look at what you can expect when turning your air conditioner on for the first time.

AC Maintenance Needed Before Turning On Your System

You might expect your AC unit to struggle when turning it on for the first time of the season. However, your system has protective measures in place to keep it secure during the winter and ready for the spring. It should not struggle to start up unless it has an issue or has not received the necessary pre-season maintenance. 

Maintenance services are essential to keep your system lasting throughout the warmer months. They will also help your system stay efficient and expand the life expectancy of your unit. For best results when turning your air conditioner on for the first time, make sure it is up-to-date on any pre-season care requirements with an air conditioner tune-up. This process includes:

  • Checking the refrigerant levels
  • Cleaning condenser coil
  • Examining your electrical connections
  • Checking the filters and rinsing when possible
  • Making sure your system is clean
  • Assessing your drain line (condensate line)
  • Checking the motor operating temperature
  • Ensuring that you do not need any repairs

Beyond just examining your HVAC system, an expert will also check your duct system to ensure that you have proper airflow. If you think of your air conditioning unit as the heart of your system, the ductwork acts as the veins that distribute the comfortable air it produces. Without functional ductwork, even new AC units will be unable to adequately cool your home. Airflow issues and air leakage can cause your system to feel less effective, operate less efficiently, and break down prematurely. 

While these services are vital to safeguard the health and performance of your air conditioning system, they may not help resolve pre-existing problems. When an HVAC expert finds any issues with your system during maintenance, they will work with you to enact a repair plan.

Air Conditioning System Repairs

If your AC system was struggling when you turned it off for the winter, any existing issues will need to be addressed before turning it back on this year. You will also have to manage any new, worsening, or emerging air conditioning issues before expecting your system to work again. During a maintenance visit, an expert can detect any issues present with your air conditioner and repair them before they impact your unit’s performance for the season. These repairs will ensure that you can enjoy a comfortable home this spring and summer. 

The Sooner the Better: Caring For Your Air Conditioner 

If you skipped pre-season maintenance, you may soon find your AC system struggling to function. While preventing AC problems should always be your first recourse, your next best option will be early repairs. Early air conditioning repair from an expert is important for three reasons:

Preventing Larger AC Issues

Your air conditioning system is made up of several small components that work together to keep your home comfortable. If one piece begins to decline in function, other components of your system may begin overworking to compensate. What may start as a small problem can then quickly impact the health of your entire unit. The earlier you detect a problem and call for professional repairs, the better you can keep the damage contained and prevent needing an AC system replacement.

Shorter Lines and Quicker Repairs

A high-quality HVAC professional—such as Bonney—will always be on standby and accepting new customers. Our Sacramento HVAC experts also drive fully-stocked trucks in an attempt to complete quick same-day AC repairs. However, if you wait until the heat worsens and AC problems spike throughout your area, your name may find itself lower on the list than those who called ahead. Scheduling your visit early in the season will mean getting your repair done first, allowing you to miss high-traffic service times. 

Getting the Repair Done Before You Need It

If you wait to schedule your air conditioning repairs until the temperatures reach peak heights in your area, you could find yourself braving the heat for a day or two. This is not so bad in the early spring when your fan may be enough to get you by. Scheduling the repairs you need before the temperatures become unbearable can save you and those in your home from some serious discomfort. 

When it comes to getting your air conditioner repaired, the sooner you can get an HVAC professional out to see your unit, the better you will fare. Get in touch with your local air conditioning specialist at the first signs of an issue to reap the benefits of early season care.

Bonney AC Maintenance and Repair in Sacramento

Now is the time to get your air conditioning unit ready for the warmer months ahead with AC maintenance from Bonney. Our BonneyBeyond can help you save money on regular HVAC care, though you do not need to be a BonneyBeyond member to get the pre-season maintenance your unit needs. Bonney is trusted to provide quality HVAC repair and maintenance in the Greater Sacramento area, including Natomas, Galt, North Highlands, Rancho Cordova, Rocklin, Antelope, and beyond. Contact the experts at Bonney to make an appointment today!