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Do I Need an AC Repair or Replacement?

When your air conditioning system gives you trouble, you might begin to wonder whether or not you need a new system. Here at Bonney, we understand that this is an important decision for homeowners in and around Sacramento. Our air conditioning experts are here to help! Here are six factors to consider when deciding between an air conditioning repair and an air conditioning replacement

Is Your Unit Under Warranty?

When you encounter an issue with your air conditioning system, you should first check to see if you still have a warranty. When an AC unit is under warranty, your repair or replacement could come at no cost to you. It is essential to note that some warranties can be voided if you did not keep up with the proper maintenance your unit needed. If you think your warranty may still be intact, check with your HVAC provider to see which repair or replacement options are covered. 

How Old is Your AC Unit and What Does the Maintenance History Look Like?

One of the primary factors that homeowners consider in the value of an AC unit is its age. The average HVAC system can last between 12-25 years. However, this number is a rough estimate that can be impacted by several factors, including the climate you live in, the brand of your AC unit, and its maintenance history. While you might think that your AC unit has a few years left on its lifespan, AC longevity predictions come with the assumption that you have maintained the manufacturer-recommended care. If you haven’t kept up with HVAC maintenance, your unit may not meet these lifespan predictions. 

How Damaged Is Your Air Conditioning Unit?

Imagine visiting a mechanic for a car repair and learning that you needed an entirely new engine. In this case, the decision to buy a new car rather than an expensive engine replacement may seem obvious. The same goes for large HVAC repairs. When deciding whether to have your AC unit repaired or replaced, it is important to first have an expert evaluate the extent of the problem. Structural declination—like corrosion and rust—and irreparable damage to central components of your system may not be worth the trouble to repair. Much like an engine replacement, these extensive repairs would still leave you with an old unit that could encounter different problems down the road. 

How Much Does Your AC Cost to Repair?

One of the biggest deciding factors of an AC repair versus an AC replacement is the cost of the needed repair. If you are dealing with a quick, simple, and affordable fix, there is no need to throw the entire unit away. Small repairs are likely to be necessary on occasion throughout the lifespan of your unit. Conversely, an expensive repair could have you paying the price of a new unit without the benefits a new system would provide. 

In these cases, it is important to ask an expert about the long-term cost predictions for your unit. If you have a reliable unit from a trusted brand name, a slightly more expensive repair may be worth it, especially if it could give your unit another 5 years of life. However, if your unit is likely to need multiple repairs in the next five years, even small service visits could begin to add up. 

When considering repair and replacement costs, it is also helpful to consider the financing options, rebates, and coupons available to you. For example, a SMUD rebate, BAM rebate, or government tax credit may tip the scale to make air conditioning replacement options more affordable than your repair. Conversely, a membership service discount might help make your AC repair a more attractive option. Trusted HVAC experts—like those at Bonney—will work hard to provide quality service at a fair price no matter your situation.

How Long Do You Plan To Stay In Your Home?

Do you plan to live in your current home forever? Are you planning to move ASAP? This consideration could impact your decision to repair or replace your HVAC system. 

You Plan to Live in Your Home Long-term

If you have an older unit and you plan to stay in your home long-term, this becomes a question of when you will need to replace your unit rather than if you will need to replace your unit. While it is still an important decision, your HVAC expert can assess your system and help you understand when a repair or replacement is a good option for you. 

You Plan to Sell Your Home Soon

This question of repair versus replacement becomes a bit more complicated if you plan to sell your home soon. One benefit that a new HVAC unit provides is that it can improve your home’s market interest and retail value. You might also consider a PACE financing option, which would provide the appeal of a new unit and incorporate the cost of your system into your property’s tax bills. If you sell your home, these payments would be transferred to the new homeowner. Alternatively, if you are planning to sell your home as-is for a reduced price, you may opt for a small repair to get by rather than investing in a full HVAC replacement.

How Efficient Is Your AC Unit?

It is no secret that new air conditioning units can be expensive. While you might want to save money on the costs of a new HVAC unit, a replacement will also bring long-term savings benefits. For example, new HVAC units often come with higher energy efficiency and lower electricity bills. While it might be a higher price up front, a new unit will help you avoid repair costs and lower your monthly electricity bills. Take a look at how much you are paying in energy costs for your current AC unit and ask your HVAC specialist how much a new unit could save you. 

Air Conditioning Repair and Replacement in Sacramento

If your air conditioning unit is giving your trouble this spring, contact the experts at Bonney before the warm summer months begin. Our Sacramento air conditioning specialists can help you decide whether a repair or replacement is best for you. We will help you understand your financing options and work with you to create a plan that fits your home and your budget. The experts at Bonney are serving residents in the larger Sacramento area throughout this COVID-19 pandemic, and we are taking all of the necessary measures to keep our customers and our employees safe. Give us a call at 800-444-0551 or make an appointment online with Bonney to get started today!