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Quality Brands

At Bonney Plumbing, Heating and Air we not only do excellent repair and installations, but also use the best equipment and ancillary materials available today to ensure the longest life expectancy of your heating and air system, plumbing, water heater, or anything else we install.

Some companies want you to believe that quality brands don’t matter and that all that does is the quality of the installation. Although installation matters greatly both from an operational standpoint and also efficiency, the quality of the equipment is paramount to how long it will last and how long it will operate within the advertised efficiency parameters. A heating and air conditioning system can last 20 years or more if taken care of and maintained properly.

Whether it is a new heating and air conditioning system, or a p-trap under your sink, big or small you can be sure Bonney uses the highest quality for all jobs.  Call one of our highly trained technicians to come out to your home and recommend a high quality system that fits your home’s needs.  We install materials that will last, protecting your investment and ensuring your happiness and comfort for the long term.