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Hydronic Forced Air Systems

An exciting way to improve the efficiency of your home’s heating system is to install a hydronic system. This is simply an air handler with an indoor coil that uses hot water from your water heater to warm the air in your home. It is very efficient because the heat is derived from an appliance […]

Two stage Heat Versus One Stage

Thinking about buying a new furnace? One very important feature of new furnaces is the ability to ramp down the amount of gas that is being used to generate heat. This is done with adjustable gas valves. Most of the options out there is single and two stage, although there are some manufacturers with 3 […]

Bonney Brigade Commercials

“The Bonney Brigade is here for you!” After and exciting day filming with our staff, we are very pleased with our new Bonney Brigade theme commercials, featuring iconic scenes from around Sacramento. Here is the first few in the series with the beautiful Tower Bridge. Keep a look out for more versions in the months […]

Duct Work Design

Duct work in a residential home is very important for the proper, efficient operation of any central heating and air system. And many times one of the most neglected items as well because many homeowners don’t see the ductwork at all being that it is in the attic, crawlspace and/or in the walls. Another thing […]

Central Air Supply Registers

One very important and often overlooked item in central heating and air conditioning systems is the supply registers that are attached to the ductwork. Many homeowners call them “vents” and they will be in each conditioned room in your home. Why are these important? Well, they are the end of the line of the duct […]

Variable Speed Furnaces

Shopping for a new furnace or air handler? One of the best features in furnaces is the motor itself. Be sure and ask your technician about a good Variable speed furnace. Every manufacturer makes them but it is not always presented. So what are some of the advantages to this kind of motor? Well, the […]

Federal Tax Credit Running Out December 31st!!

The $1,500.00 Federal Tax Credit is running out on December 31st. If you are thinking that a new heating and air purchase is in your future it may be a good time to get ahead of the game and take advantage of this incentive. A new furnace and air conditioner can save you money in […]

Over $5,000 dollars in rebates and credits!

It’s a “perfect storm” of circumstances making now the best time for many years to buy a new Bonney heating and air system.  But, like the weather quickly changes, this opportunity will not last long.  As a result of various programs designed to encourage economic stimulus, job creation and energy savings, over $5,000 dollars in […]

Bonney On House Crashers

Did you enjoy seeing Bonney Plumbing, Heating & Air on the “Sunroom Sanctuary” episode of House Crashers?  They have asked us to be the local expert in plumbing, heating & air again.  Check out Bonney in this recent episode of House Crashers on the DIY Network, “Retro Kitchen Remodel”!