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Tesla Powerwall: Is It Worth the Investment? 

When you’d like to protect your home or business from unexpected power outages and lower your energy costs while you’re at it, Tesla Powerwalls are a great choice. These rechargeable home battery systems can help your home become energy-independent and receive power when your main grid loses power. As you consider investing in a Powerwall, you should know the main ways they can benefit your home.

How Do Tesla Powerwalls Work?

Tesla Powerwalls draw power primarily from solar panels at your home, but they can also use main grid power to charge. As the Powerwalls draw power from solar panels, they’ll distribute the generated energy to appliances in your home and store the excess energy in their battery. After the Powerwall battery is full, it can send any excess electricity your battery generates back to the grid. The energy stored in their batteries can be used to power your home following a power outage or at night when your solar panels can’t generate power.

5 Reasons a Tesla Powerwall Is Worth the Investment

Due to the Powerwall’s design and power storage capabilities, you can expect the Powerwall’s costs to be well worth the investment. From seamless backup during emergencies to reduced power costs, Tesla Powerwalls offer several advantages to homeowners and businesses. Before you make a decision, learn more about the top five Powerwall benefits below:

1. Seamless Backup When the Grid Goes Down

Powerwalls give you the chance to receive a seamless backup system that provides backup power to your home when the main grid fails. Since Powerwalls primarily draw power from solar energy, they can continue to draw on power from solar panels following a grid outage. When you enable Storm Watch, Powerwalls can also prevent power outages by communicating with the National Weather Service. If the National Weather Service anticipates severe weather, the Powerwall will prioritize charging and send you a push notification.

2. Clean Power for Your Home or Business

Alongside offering seamless backup capabilities when the power goes down, Tesla Powerwalls can provide a source of clean power to your home or business when the main grid is functioning. While you can charge your Powerwall with main grid power, they also easily pair with Tesla and other competitors’ solar panels. By using solar panels to charge your batteries and power your home, you can lower your carbon footprint and power your home with greener power. 

3. Reduction of Energy Costs 

Since Powerwalls generate their own energy from solar panels and seamlessly pair with your main grid, they allow you to reduce your energy costs. For example, the Powerwall app gives you the option to switch to battery power over grid power at scheduled times of the day. This ability to use battery power means you can set your Powerwall to provide energy during peak hours of the day when your main grid charges more for electricity. As a result, you can reduce your main grid energy consumption and lower your electricity bills.

4. Long-Lasting Warranties

Powerwalls feature a decade-long extended warranty. In the Powerwall warranty, you’ll receive a guarantee that your Powerwall will have at least a 70% energy retention rate and be defect-free for 10 years after installation. These warranties ensure Powerwall buyers can invest in Powerwalls without worrying about them breaking down early or not retaining enough energy.

5. Easily Install New Powerwalls If Your Energy Needs Change

Another benefit of Powerwall systems is how easy they are to upgrade. For example, many homeowners and businesses don’t use Powerwalls as a comprehensive backup source. Instead, they’ll only invest in enough Powerwalls to power their batteries fully during the day and provide green energy at night. If the homeowner or business decides to use Powerwalls to power their home during a grid outage, new Powerwalls can be easily installed in existing Powerwall systems to increase the amount of backup power they can store.

Choose Bonney for Tesla Powerwall Installation in Sacramento

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