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Home Maintenance Memberships: How Much Can You Save?

When you own a home, conventional wisdom says you should save 1% to 4% of its value each year for maintenance. This need to keep money available for repairs and other services is vital since Americans spend an average of $3,018 a year on home maintenance. While maintaining a home can be expensive, you can lower these costs and keep money in your wallet with a home maintenance membership program. 

What Are Home Maintenance Memberships?

Sometimes called home maintenance contracts, home maintenance memberships are maintenance programs that provide regular maintenance services and discounts. Typically, these memberships are offered by HVAC companies, and they’ll usually include cost-saving benefits such as reduced fees or discounts on services. These memberships also often include regular inspections of your home’s central systems to keep them running smoothly and free from premature damage.

How Can Home Maintenance Contracts Save You Money?

If you’re considering investing in a home maintenance membership to reduce your yearly maintenance expenses, you’ll probably want to know how these contracts can save you money. From extended warranties and reduced fees to discounts on services and repair prevention, a comprehensive home maintenance contract should give you multiple ways to save money. Learn more about these top cost-saving benefits of maintenance memberships below: 

  • Reduced fees: When you sign up for a maintenance contract, it will often come with reduced fees on services or call-outs. For example, a maintenance membership can lower the cost of a fee for having someone come out to your home during off hours for an emergency service.
  • Savings on services: Typically, a home maintenance membership should give you a discount on the company’s services. With discounts on their services, you can save money whenever you need repair or replacement work. Since services can range in cost, a discount will come in handy throughout the year, especially when you need a more extensive repair or have an unexpected breakdown that needs immediate attention.
  • Extended warranties: An excellent home maintenance contract will offer extended warranties on heating, cooling, electrical, and plumbing systems. With a longer warranty on your air conditioner, furnace, plumbing system, or other piece of equipment, your home’s systems will be protected from unexpected breakdowns or broken parts. This extended protection can save you money, as the warranty will often cover the expenses of replacing a broken part or repairing a malfunctioning piece of equipment. 
  • Costly repair prevention: When you don’t receive regular inspections of your home’s heating, air conditioning, plumbing, and electric systems, they could be developing problems you’re not aware of. If these problems aren’t resolved quickly, they could result in breakdowns that require expensive repairs or replacement services. Since a home maintenance membership often includes regular inspections of your home’s systems, it can save you money by having a trained professional spot and fix issues before they turn into costly problems.

How Much Money Can a Bonney Beyond Membership Save You?

At Bonney, we’re proud to offer Bonney Beyond memberships to our clients. This home maintenance contract includes priority scheduling and annual inspections of your home’s major systems. With our membership, you’ll receive an inspection of your electrical, plumbing, cooling, and heating systems once a year to ensure they’re all running at their best. These inspections offer incredible savings to our clients. They are all covered by your contract and provide close to $700 in value.

Besides offering inspections and priority scheduling, our Bonney Beyond membership takes 50% off our call-out fee, meaning you’ll save money when you need a service performed at your home. Our home maintenance membership also automatically gives you 15% savings (up to $750) on all our services. 

Sign Up for Bonney’s Sacramento Home Maintenance Membership 

If you’re looking for a home maintenance contract near you in Sacramento or the surrounding areas, turn to Bonney. Due to the many savings and regular inspections our Bonney Beyond Membership offers, you can often reduce your annual home expenses by investing in one. Alongside offering Bonney Beyond, you can turn to us for any of your heating, cooling, plumbing, or electrical needs. We also provide several coupons and financing options to keep our client’s costs low and within their budgets. Learn more about Bonney Beyond today. If you want to receive this home maintenance contract, you can sign up or renew your membership online. You can also contact us if you have any questions or need to schedule an appointment for one of our services.