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5 Signs You Need Professional Home Rewiring Services

When your home’s wiring works correctly, it’s easy to forget about it. However, if something goes wrong with your wiring, it can cause electrical fires, burn out connected devices, and raise the risk of you experiencing an electrical shock. You can avoid these risks by knowing the main warning signs your home needs rewiring services. As you consider receiving home rewiring services, review the top five signs that your electrical system is in danger and needs to be rewired.

1. Your Circuit Breaker Regularly Trips

While circuit breakers are bound to trip every once in a while due to a power surge, they shouldn’t always trip. Typically, a circuit breaker trips when it’s overloaded, and the easiest way to fix it is simply to unplug a few appliances connected to the circuit and reset the breaker. However, if you’ve made sure you don’t have too many devices or appliances plugged in and your circuit breaker is still tripping all the time, you likely have something wrong with your wiring. 

Since a circuit breaker is responsible for cutting off power, if it detects your system is carrying an unsafe amount of electricity, it needs to be wired correctly for safety reasons. A trained electrician can rewire your circuit breaker and potentially upgrade your electrical panel to prevent frequent trips and ensure your circuit breaker protects your home correctly. 

2. Aging or Aluminum Wiring

If your home was built before 1973, it may have aluminum wiring installed in it. This type of wiring is no longer used in homes, as aluminum wiring is prone to causing loose connections and fires. Homes with aluminum wiring still installed should have them replaced to reduce the risk of fire damage.

In general, old wiring can be a fire hazard even if it’s not made out of aluminum. If your home’s wiring hasn’t been replaced in the last 25 to 50 years, an electrical inspection is recommended to determine its condition. When an inspection reveals your wiring isn’t in good shape or can’t keep up with technological demands, home rewiring services can replace your old wires with new ones to reduce your risk of fire.

3. Frequent Flickering Lights 

Another primary sign that you need professional rewiring services is if the lights in your home are constantly flickering. Before you schedule a rewiring service, check that the flickering light bulbs are properly installed and twisted into position correctly. If your lightbulbs have been properly installed, there’s a good chance the flickering lights are due to loose wiring connections. Since these loose wiring connections can mean there’s a serious issue with your electrical system, you’ll want to quickly contact an electrician to inspect and rewire your home.

4. You’ve Noticed Burning Smells

Sometimes, short circuits can occur in your electrical system and cause a slight burning odor. While a short circuit doesn’t always cause a fire, it does create sparks that can start a fire in your electric system. If you can smell something burning but can’t see anything, you likely have a fire somewhere inside your walls that must be taken care of quickly. You’ll likely want to contact the fire department first to prevent the fire from spreading before you contact an electrician to rewire your home. 

If the burning smells are accompanied by sparks or smoke coming from your electrical system, you’ll definitely not want to delay receiving help from the fire department. After you contact the fire department, make sure to unplug any connected devices. To prevent this issue from coming back, contact an electrician to rewire your home.

5. Your Outlets and Switches Have Burn Signs

Besides watching out for burning smells and smoke, it’s a good idea to check your outlets and switches for burn signs. These burn marks are signs that your wiring is short-circuiting and generating sparks. Additionally, the sparks are a major fire hazard and can leave black and brown burn marks on your outlets. As soon as you notice burn marks on your outlets or light switches, contact an electrician for a full inspection, a potential rewire, and GFCI outlet replacement services.

Choose Bonney for Home Rewiring Services Near You in Sacramento

If you’re looking for an electrician near you in Sacramento or the surrounding areas, Bonney has you covered. Our certified Sacramento electricians regularly provide home rewiring services to homeowners experiencing the top warning signs listed above. Once you contact us and we inspect your home, we can rewire your home’s electrical system to maximize its safety and functionality. We also offer multiple coupons and financing services to ensure our rewiring services fit your budget. Learn more about our home rewiring and other electrical services today. If you have any questions or want to schedule an appointment with one of our Sacramento electricians, please contact us.