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How Do I Know If I Have Tree Roots in My Sewer Line?

If you want to keep your plumbing system in the best condition possible, you’ll need to ensure tree roots aren’t inside your sewer line. Since tree roots can spread throughout your pipes and damage your entire plumbing system’s condition, it’s crucial they stay outside your sewer line. Find out more about why tree roots in your plumbing system are an issue and the five main signs you’ll want to watch out for.

Why Are Tree Roots In A Sewer Line a Problem?

When cracks or other openings develop in your sewer lines, tree roots can break through and enter your pipes. Once tree roots enter your sewer line, they’ll continue to grow inside it, as your sewage pipes provide a constant water source the roots will want more of. So while the water in your pipes will help a tree grow, it can also be a major problem. 

If tree roots in sewer lines go unchecked, they can damage your sewer lines and cause various plumbing issues. For example, tree root growth can further damage your pipes, as the roots can puncture through other parts of the pipe. Since the tree roots will continue to grow inside your pipes and absorb water, they can also clog your pipes and impact drainage. If your sewer line has a full root blockage, the tree roots can even cause a sewage backup.

Besides damaging your pipes and plumbing system, tree roots in your sewer line can also cause sewage leaks in your yard. This sewage leakage can cause nasty smells, standing water, and spongy grass. Due to the many problems associated with tree roots in sewer lines, any homeowner should be on the lookout for tree root growth. 

5 Signs You Have Tree Roots In Your Sewer Line

While you try to keep your sewage system in the best condition possible, you need to know how to spot the signs of tree root growth. Knowing the main signs of tree root growth in your sewer line can raise the chances of catching the issue early and taking action before major damage occurs. Review the following five main signs of tree roots in your sewer line below:

1) Sinkholes In Your Yard

If you’ve noticed soft spots in your yard or you can see a sinkhole, you could have tree roots in your sewer line. When tree roots break through pipes, they can cause water to leak into your lawn. As this water leaks, it can create a dangerous sinkhole that could damage your home’s foundation. Due to how dangerous sinkholes can be, you should contact a plumber immediately if you notice unexplainable soft or wet spots in your yard.

2) Slow Draining Of Showers And Sinks

Slow shower and sink drains are another major sign of tree roots in your sewer lines. While tree roots grow inside the pipes, they’ll spread out and begin to clog your drains, resulting in slower draining of sinks and showers. If you continue to notice slow draining, you’ll need a camera inspection from a plumber to see if tree roots are the issue.

3) Nasty Smells

When tree roots clog your sewer lines, they can cause your home to smell bad, especially around drains. Since tree roots can harm your sewer lines and trap waste inside them, they can be the source of foul odors. A rotten egg smell or other nasty odor from your drains will likely only worsen as the tree roots grow, so you’ll need a plumber to check out your lines as quickly as possible.

4) Constant Toilet Backups

If your toilet constantly backs up, you may have tree roots in your line. As tree roots grow in your pipes, they’ll trap waste, like toilet paper, and clog your toilet drains. When your toilet regularly clogs, a plumber can inspect your toilet to see if roots are the issue.

5) Gurgling Noises

Block drains can produce a noticeable gurgling noise whenever you empty the sink or flush the toilet. The sound is caused by the water trying to travel through an obstacle in the drain. Whenever you hear such a sound in your drains, it is a sign of tree roots in the sewer line, so you’ll need a plumber to check out your lines as quickly as possible.

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