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Does Outdoor Lighting Improve Home Safety?

Outdoor security lighting is one of the best ways to improve your home’s safety. Whether you want to discourage burglars from targeting your home or prevent accidents on your property due to poor lighting, professionally installed outdoor lights are an excellent solution. If you’re thinking of investing in professional outdoor lighting installation, take a moment to learn more about the security benefits of outdoor security lights. 

1: Increases Visibility at Entrances and Exits

With an outdoor lighting system that covers your home’s entrances, exits, and windows, any intruder will have to expose themselves to a well-lit environment during a home invasion. Since burglars typically don’t want anyone to notice them, well-lit access points into and out of your home can significantly deter intruders. This increased visibility also makes it easier for a security camera to identify burglars and can increase the chance a neighbor spots suspicious behavior on your property while you’re away.

2: Makes your Home Look Occupied

Most burglars want their robbery to be as fast and uncomplicated as possible. As a result, they’re more likely to target homes when no one’s around. Outdoor lighting reduces the risk of your home being targeted, as it can make it look like you’re home, even if you’re gone on a family vacation or spending a late night out. This illusion of someone being home will cause the vast majority of burglars to look elsewhere for their robbery. In fact, a study done by Crime Lab in partnership with New York City officials found that increased lighting led to a 36% decrease in “index crimes” like robbery. 

3: Illuminates Hiding Spots

Before an intruder breaks into a home, they’ll often take some time to scope out the house and learn the habits of its occupants. With security lights installed at your home, you can illuminate darker areas where a burglar could hide and watch your home. By lighting up potential hiding spots, burglars are more likely to look for another home they can watch more easily.

4: Reduces Risk of Accidents

Besides lowering the threat of burglaries, outdoor security lighting reduces the risks of accidents at your home. Without good lighting around your property, people are more likely to trip or fall while out at night. A good lighting system makes it easier for your family and guests to see where they’re walking, helping you reduce the risk of accidents and injuries at your home.

Other Outdoor Lighting Considerations

From increasing visibility at entrances and making it look like your home is occupied to illuminating hiding spots and reducing the risk of accidents, professional outdoor lighting is an easy way to improve your home’s safety. However, you might be wondering about the extra energy costs. Upgrading your home to LED lighting can actually save you money while protecting the environment. According to the Department of Energy, this eco-friendly home service can decrease the energy consumption of your lighting by 75+ percent.

Choose Bonney for Professional Outdoor Lighting Installation in Sacramento

If you need professional outdoor lighting in Sacramento, Rancho Cordova, Folsom, Rocklin, Natomas, Roseville, or surrounding areas, choose Bonney. Our team can inspect your home and recommend the best lighting system for your property. After you sign off on our recommendations, our team will install professional outdoor lights, ensuring they’re in the best locations possible to increase security and reduce the risk of accidents. Alongside increasing your home’s safety, any lighting system we install will be incredibly energy efficient and improve the look of your home. Our local electricians specialize in everything from at-home EV charging installations to outlet upgrades and anything in between. Learn more about our professional outdoor lighting installation services today. If you have any questions or want to schedule an appointment, please contact us.