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6 Upgrades Your Home Needs in 2022

Whether you’re looking to make your home more comfortable or increase its resale value, 2022 is the year to finally make some upgrades to your home. Some of the most popular upgrades include new in-unit air purifiers, LED lights, HVAC systems, and at-home EV charging stations. Check out our recommendations for the best six home upgrades you can make in the new year below:

1. iWave In-Unit Air Purifier 

Breathe easier in 2022 by purchasing an in-unit air purifier like the iWave Bi-Polar Ionization Air Purifier. Unlike bulky air purifiers you have to keep in a corner of your home, iWaves are installed directly into your HVAC system. Alongside their discrete nature, these devices eliminate live airborne contaminants, like mold, viruses, and bacteria, while also capturing small contaminants, like pollen, dust, and dirt. Since iWave devices trap or eliminate so many contaminants, they can reduce allergy symptoms, improve your quality of life, and protect you from viruses.

2. LED Lighting

Another great home upgrade is switching to LED lights over your existing fluorescent or incandescent lights. LED lights offer significant advantages over other lights, as they last longer, generate almost no heat, and consume less energy. Since these lights are very durable and energy-efficient, they can even save you money in the long run over other options.

3. New HVAC System

If your HVAC system is more than 10 to 15 years old, you’ll likely want to upgrade your HVAC system. Instead of pouring money into repairing an old system, invest in a new one. A new HVAC system will cool and heat your home effectively and save you money by using energy more efficiently and having fewer breakdowns. Turn to a team of HVAC professionals who can evaluate your home and install a new HVAC system perfectly suited for your needs. 

4. At-Home EV Charging Station

When you have an electric vehicle (EV) or plan to purchase one, an at-home EV charging station is a must-have. These charging stations allow homeowners to conveniently charge their vehicles overnight and save money by not having to pay for electricity at public charging stations. EV charging stations can also increase your peace of mind and raise your home’s resale value. If you’re interested in one of these stations, speak to an electrician who can help you select the best option.

5. Bathroom Remodel

Your bathroom should feel like a calming oasis in your home. If it doesn’t, invest in a bathroom remodel to give yourself greater comfort and luxury in 2022. When you turn to a company like Bonney for your bathroom and plumbing renovations, you can receive jetted tub installation, new fixture installation, shower/tub conversions, and toilet replacement services. With all of these options, you can transform your bathroom into your favorite room in your entire house.

6. Standby Backup Generators

Don’t go without power ever again by investing in standby backup generators for your home. A great standby backup generator will activate in only a few seconds following a power loss. Since these generators kick on automatically, you won’t have to worry about pulling a portable generator out of the shed and figuring out how to turn it on. Contact an electrician who can give you recommendations on the best standby backup generators and install whatever option you select. 

Choose Bonney for Home Upgrades in Sacramento and Concord in 2022

When you’re looking for home upgrades in Sacramento or Concord, turn to Bonney. Our experienced team can handle everything from electrical upgrades and plumbing renovations to indoor air purification services and HVAC installation. Due to our wide variety of services and expertise, you can trust us to handle almost any home upgrade you can think of. If you’re ready to schedule an appointment or have any questions, please feel free to contact us.