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Do Air Purifiers Help With Seasonal Allergies?

If you suffer from seasonal allergies and can’t seem to catch a break even when you stay inside all day, you might want to look into air purifiers. Since many air purifiers can assist with removing allergens from your home’s air, they can be an effective option to combat seasonal allergies. Before you invest in one of these devices, take a moment to learn more about what air purifiers are and how they can help reduce seasonal allergies.

What Are Air Purifiers?

Air purifiers are typically portable devices designed to capture various pollutants and particles from an indoor space’s air. Most of these devices feature a filter made to trap particles and a fan designed to pull in air and then circulate it back out. You can also find air purifiers with multiple filters inside them to provide more effective filtration.

While portable air purifiers are the most common options on the market, many homeowners prefer air purifiers designed to fit into their HVAC system. For example, professionals can install options like iWave Bi-Polar Ionization Air Purifiers and electronic air cleaners into a client’s HVAC system. Unlike standard portable air purifiers, these devices use alternative methods to trap allergens, such as needlepoint bi-polar ionization or electrostatic attraction.

How Air Purifiers Help With Seasonal Allergies

While seasonal allergies tend to affect people most when they’re outside, allergens can also make their way into the home, causing allergy sufferers to experience more discomfort. Since air purifiers can capture particles in your air and trap them in their filters, many of these devices can give people relief from their seasonal allergy symptoms. By using an air purifier, you can reduce the number of allergens floating around in your home’s air.  

As long as your air purifier is designed to filter out pollen, mold, and dust from your home’s air, it will likely lessen your seasonal allergy symptoms. You can read more here about which air purification methods address allergies. Due to these devices’ ability to capture allergenic particles, they reduce the number of irritants you breathe in while at home. As a result, air purifiers are recommended for seasonal allergy sufferers. They’re especially suited for those who also suffer from asthma, as these devices can remove particles that will trigger an attack.

Top Air Purification Options for People With Allergies

Due to air purifiers’ ability to eliminate allergenic particles, you might be interested in the best kind for your home and personal needs. During allergy seasons, professional-grade allergen filters can be an excellent choice. With these filters installed in your HVAC system, they’ll capture various allergies that can gather in your air ducts. You can pair these filters with other professional air purifiers to get the most allergy protection possible.

Another excellent choice is the iWave Bi-Polar Ionization Air Purifier. These devices use needlepoint bi-polar ionization to neutralize airborne contaminants, like mold. They also help allergy sufferers by causing pollen and other smaller particles to clump together, making it easier for your filtration system to catch them. Since these kinds of air purifiers are installed inside your HVAC system, they’re unobtrusive and won’t take up extra space in your home.

Choose Bonney for Professional Air Purifier Services in Sacramento and Concord

At Bonney, we’re proud to provide those in the Sacramento and Concord areas with various HVAC services. Since we know how important it is to have clean air in your home, we’re ready to help you select the right air purification devices and filters. After you select an air purifier, we’ll install it for you, giving you the allergy protection you need all year long. We also offer several coupons to help you receive the best deal possible.

Learn more about our indoor air quality solutions today. If you have any questions or want to make an appointment, please feel free to contact us