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3 Air Purifiers that Make the Perfect Last-Minute Holiday Gift

With the holidays fast approaching, you might still be looking for the perfect gift for a loved one in your life. One of the most unconventional and useful gifts you can give to a homeowner is an in-unit air purifier. Since some air purifiers can help people breathe easier, reduce allergens, eliminate odors, and even kill viruses, they can greatly improve someone’s quality of life. Learn more about our three main air purifier recommendations that make a perfect last-minute holiday gift.

What Is an Air Purifier?

Air purifiers come in many shapes, sizes, and designs, but they all aim to improve your home’s air quality. Most air purifiers will attempt to remove contaminants in a home’s air, such as particulate matter and gaseous pollutants, to give people cleaner air. Alongside helping people breathe easier, some air purifiers can help relieve allergies symptoms and even eliminate viruses.

What Are the Best Air Purifiers I Can Give as a Gift?

While you can find tons of air purifiers on the market, you probably don’t want to give one that’s not effective or takes up lots of space in a home. Instead of just picking up the first air purifier you see, take a moment to review some of the best in-unit professional air purifiers available for residential homes below:

1. iWave Bi-Polar Ionization Air Purifier

One of the best air cleaners is the iWave Bi-Polar Ionization Air Purifier. This device uses needlepoint bi-polar ionization to eliminate airborne contaminants and purify your air. Due to its unique design, it effectively neutralizes hydrogen particles that various airborne contaminants need to survive, helping to eliminate mold, viruses, and bacteria in your air. This device also causes smaller contaminants, such as pollen, dirt, and dust, to clump together, making it easier for your home’s air filters to catch them. 

Another major advantage of these devices is how they convert dangerous vapors and pollutants into safe compounds. For example, iWave devices can turn harmful gases and smoke into compounds like water vapor, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, and oxygen. Alongside their ability to purify a home’s air, these air purifiers are installed inside an HVAC system, making them very discreet.

2. Air Scrubber Plus Air and Surface Cleaner

When you’re looking for an air purifier as a gift, you might also like the Air Scrubber Plus. This air purification device uses scrubber ion hydroperoxides to clean a home’s air and its surfaces. When this device is installed, it will produce these scrubber ion hydroperoxides, distributing them into your air.

As these scrubber particles spread throughout a home’s air and land on surfaces, they eliminate VOCs, fungi, viruses, smoke, mold, bacteria, and odors. By getting rid of these harmful components, they can greatly improve a home’s air quality. Since an HVAC technician will install these devices inside your duct system, they’re also a very non-intrusive air purifier, much like the iWave. 

3. Germicidal UVC Lamps

Another excellent air purification gift is a germicidal UVC lamp. These lamps use UVC light to eliminate proteins inside dangerous microorganisms, improving air quality as a result. Since they destroy the composition of bacteria and viruses and make them non-infectious, germicidal UVC lamps can help homeowners avoid getting sick.

While some people worry about radiation from these devices, germicidal UVC lamps are entirely safe when used and installed properly. Like the other air purification options described previously, germicidal UVC lamps aren’t obtrusive, as a technician will install these lamps directly inside your HVAC’s plenum or ductwork. Keep in mind that germicidal UVC lamps aren’t designed to neutralize inanimate allergens, such as dander, pollen, and dust, so it’s usually a good idea to purchase them alongside another air purification option.

Choose Bonney for Air Purifier Installation and Indoor Air Quality Services in Sacramento and Concord

At Bonney, we’re proud to provide various air purifier solutions to our clients in Sacramento and Concord, California. When you’re looking for a gift this holiday season, we can provide you with information on various residential and professional air-purifiers and help you pick the perfect option for a loved one. After you’ve selected a device, we can perform air purifier installation services at a convenient date.

Interested in other air purification presents you can give? Review our other indoor air quality solutions today. If you have any questions or want to schedule an appointment, please feel free to contact us.