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When Should I Switch From AC to Heat?

When does it truly begin to feel like the season is changing? For many homeowners, this realization hits when they finally decide to switch their indoor temperature settings over from “air conditioning” to “heating.” However, this switch is often one that residents overthink. The experts at Bonney are here with insight on switching your system over for the season. 

The Hallmark of Changing Temperatures

Whether you wait to switch your HVAC settings over because you want to save money or simply do not want to let go of summer, eventually you will need to turn on your furnace or heater. As the temperatures become cold at night and warm during the day, many homeowners become confused about when to kick on their heating systems. A few considerations here can help you make this decision: comfort, system care, savings.

Your HVAC Settings and Home Comfort

The fact is, your HVAC system is placed in your home to keep you comfortable. As such, you should adjust your thermostat over as soon as you no longer find yourself comfortable in your home. Many homeowners mistakenly believe that switching over from one setting to another is a fixed decision for the season, but this is not the case. You can just as easily toggle the thermostat back and forth, even multiple times throughout the week. California weather is unpredictable, and your system needs to be ready to manage it. This does, however, require proper system care. 

Heating System Care

All heating systems require care for efficient and effective functioning. This is especially true if you find yourself toggling between settings. Frequent adjustments can leave your HVAC system working hard to keep you comfortable. To protect your unit, it is best to get a heater tune-up before kicking it on for the first time. During this service, an expert will provide any manufacturer-recommended care that your unit needs. Your technician will also work to detect any needed furnace repairs before they become costly issues. With the right care and maintenance, your heating and cooling systems should be ready to easily manage this switch.

Heating and Cooling Energy Savings

One of the primary reasons why homeowners resist toggling their thermostat settings is to save money. This time of year does present unique energy-saving opportunities. If you can make the most of the cool nights and the warm days to help you stay comfortable, you will be rewarded with lower energy bills. However, with proper maintenance, your HVAC system should work efficiently. If you find yourself facing unusually high energy bills associated with your HVAC system usage, this could be the sign of a system issue. It may be time for a service, maintenance, or a new heating system altogether. In this case, it is best to get an expert’s insight to see why your heating and cooling system is consuming so much energy. 

Bonney Heating System Maintenance

Is your heating system ready for the cooler temperatures? The professionals at Bonney can complete any needed maintenance and repairs before the cooler weather kicks in. If you need a new heater, our professionals can complete this installation and help you find a great price with our coupons. Bonney proudly serves the heating repair, maintenance, and replacement needs of the greater Sacramento area. Our service extends to homes and businesses in Folsom, Natomas, Vacaville, Roseville, Loomis, Auburn, Galt, Rocklin, Placerville, Newcastle, Fairfield, and beyond. Make your appointment today with our local HVAC professionals to get started!