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Benefits of Mini-Split AC Systems

As the summer heat continues to rise, you might find that your air conditioning system just isn’t cutting it. If your fan can’t pick up the slack, you might need a little something extra. The experts at Bonney are here with an affordable, powerful, and effective cooling solution: ductless mini-split AC systems. Here is everything you need to know about these units, brought to you by our Sacramento-based air conditioning professionals. 

What is a Mini-Split AC System?

Mini-split AC systems are small, ductless air conditioning units that offer portability, convenience, and strong cooling power. Much like traditional air conditioning systems, they work by connecting an outdoor compressor with an indoor unit. The biggest difference is that the air is then directly deposited into the room where the system is placed—it does not travel through ducts to be distributed throughout your home. While this does contain the cooling properties of the unit, it is still known for its powerful comfort and efficiency. Here is a look at some of the benefits provided by mini-split AC units.

Upgraded Air Conditioning Without Invasive Renovations

If you have a historic home in desperate need of an upgraded air conditioning system, you might think that you have to cut into your antique foundation to install a duct system. However, a mini-split AC unit offers an alternative solution. You can put one of these units in your home to provide effective cooling without needing to renovate. With a mini-split AC system, you do not have to choose between staying comfortable and preserving the things you love about your home. This is also a perfect temporary solution if you do not have the budget for renovations at this time. 

Affordable and Contained Air Conditioning

Do you have one room in your home that is always too hot? Perhaps your air conditioning unit is effective for most of your home, but does not extend to one section? You will not want to pay for a complete AC upgrade or home renovation to expand your duct system. The affordable and contained nature of mini-split units makes them easy to install in almost any room. This provides the perfect cooling boost for your garage, attic, studio, workroom, or simply any space that doesn’t have the air conditioning power it needs. 

Efficient Cooling Systems

If you prioritize efficiency and lowering your home’s carbon footprint, mini-split AC systems are for you. These units require much lower levels of electricity to power than traditional air conditioning systems. They also provide efficiency in their direct cooling, meaning that air conditioning is not lost in the duct distribution process. Mini-split AC systems are highly efficient without sacrificing comfort. 

Reversed Heating Properties

While they are commonly known for their air conditioning properties, mini-split systems are also essential for the heating capabilities they provide. In the colder months, mini-split systems can reverse to provide the same powerful comfort in your home. By heating the problem areas where your HVAC unit cannot reach, your mini-split system investment will help you stay comfortable year-round. 

Mini-Split AC System Considerations

You might find yourself wondering, “Is a mini-split air conditioning system right for me?” While they offer countless benefits for Sacramento-area residents, there are certain considerations to take into account when deciding on a cooling solution for you. Here are some points to consider about mini-split AC units. 

  • Appearance: Unlike traditional AC units, mini-split systems are placed in the room where they operate. These units are made to look as discreet as possible, though the space they require and their visible appearance is different than that of the traditional AC experience. 
  • Noise: Mini-split AC systems have an unfair reputation for being noisy. However, noise-reducing technology has come a long way since the inception of these systems. You might still find that your unit offers a subtle humming noise, though this is often not more encompassing than that of a traditional AC unit.
  • Contained cooling: Mini-split air conditioning systems are perfect for cooling a contained space that needs a comfort upgrade. Because they do not have ducts to widely distribute air, they will only be able to effectively cool the room in which they are placed, though their air may travel to surrounding spaces. If you are looking for whole-home cooling solutions, you may need to consider a traditional system or multiple mini-split units. 

If you are still wondering if this type of cooling system is right for you, contact the experts at Bonney for further professional insight. 

Bonney Mini-Split AC Systems in Sacramento

When you are ready to get a mini-split AC system in the Sacramento area, Bonney is here for you. Our NATE certified professionals are skilled in mini-split system repairs, maintenance, and installation. Bonney proudly serves the heating and cooling needs of the greater Sacramento area, including Fairfield, Rio Vista, Dixon, Folsom, Elmira, Carmichael, Vacaville, and beyond. Make an appointment with Bonney to get started today!