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Saving Money with HVAC Maintenance

When you are working to keep your energy bills low, your HVAC system can be one of your greatest aids or your biggest challenges. Its monthly costs can vary based on how you use your system, how efficient your unit is, and how well you take care of it. If you are seeking ways to lower your energy bills, regular HVAC maintenance is an easy solution. Learn more here about how heating and cooling system maintenance from Bonney can help you save money while keeping your home comfortable year-round. 

HVAC Maintenance and Efficient Unit Functioning

Your HVAC system consists of several different components, each of which needs to be properly functioning for your unit to run efficiently. If any part is dirty, blocked, lagging, or broken, the rest of your unit will work harder to provide comfortable air to your home. This extra energy usage can drive up the cost of your bills. Luckily, these issues are preventable by keeping up with the annual care your unit needs. During a maintenance visit, an expert will clean necessary parts, check every component of your system, detect any issues it may have, and work with you to solve any problems that may be raising your rates. 

Effective Heating and Cooling

If you listen closely, do you hear your system struggling to run? Clanging, squealing, rattling, buzzing, or loud squeaking noises from your system are all signs that your unit is not working with ease. When your HVAC unit works ineffectively, it has to work strenuously to keep your home comfortable. Proper maintenance ensures that your system has everything it needs to perform at peak performance, thus allowing you to enjoy lower energy bills and a comfortable home without the extra work. 

Reduced Need for HVAC Repairs

Many heating and cooling systems last up to 15 years—during this extensive range of time, it is likely that you will need some HVAC repairs along the way. However, when you do not provide your unit with the maintenance it needs, your system will develop preventable issues such as freezing coils, compressor failure, sensor issues, and refrigerant leaks, among others. These extra needed repairs may collectively increase costs that are higher than your maintenance costs would have been. Instead, by participating in the manufacturer-recommended care, you can keep your system in good condition for as long as possible. 

Affordable and Contained Heating and Cooling Repairs

When the time comes that your unit does need a repair, your best recourse is to fix the issue as early as possible. Otherwise, one small issue can become a major one. Early detection is key to keeping repairs affordable and issues at bay. When signing up for a maintenance plan, two tune-ups are included—one heating tune-up and one AC tune-up per year.  This plan is built to help ensure issues never last long without professional detection – saving you time and money in the long run.

Extended HVAC Life Expectancy 

It is no secret that replacing your HVAC system can be an investment. While it is inevitable that your system will eventually need to be replaced, the best way to keep this cost low is to extend the lifespan of your unit. By maximizing the time between replacements, maintenance will help you get the most out of your heating and cooling system. 

Bonney HVAC Maintenance in Sacramento

Looking for affordable ways to keep your system protected? You are in luck—Bonney offers BAM Maintenance Plans to keep your Sacramento unit up-to-date on care routines. Our maintenance plans help you save money on recommended services, needed repairs, and the cost of running your system. We proudly serve the greater Sacramento area, including homes in Rocklin, Carmichael, Orangevale, Natomas, Placerville, Folsom, Elk Grove, Rancho Cordova, and beyond. Contact our Bonney heating and cooling experts to get started today!