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Cut AC Costs with Whole-House Fan Installation

When it comes to staying cool during the summer, you shouldn’t have to sacrifice comfort for affordability. HVAC solutions have innovated throughout the years for environmental friendliness and affordability. One key solution popular among Sacramento residents is the whole-house fan. Here is everything you need to know about staying comfortable while saving on your air conditioning costs with a whole-house fan. 

What is a Whole-House Fan?

A whole-house fan is an affordable cooling method that takes advantage of the fresh outdoor air. By opening your windows at night or in the early morning, this installation draws the cool air in, circulates it throughout your home, and then draws it up into your attic. Your attic is known to harbor warm air, which is then slowly redistributed throughout your home each time your AC system takes a break. By flushing out this warm air, a whole-house fan can help you keep your home cooler throughout the day, even after you have turned this system off. 

Benefits of Whole-House Fans

When installing a whole-house fan, the primary benefit that homeowners seek is lower energy consumption; however, this investment provides a wide range of benefits to consider.

  • Reduced AC Strain – With a whole-house fan on your side, your air conditioning system will not strain to keep your home comfortable. This can help extend the lifespan of your system and reduce the need for repairs. 
  • Wind Chill Effect – As the whole-house fan draws outdoor air indoors, it is known for creating a nice breeze inside of your home. 
  • Home Efficiency – By flushing out the built-up heat in your home, this installation makes your home more efficient and environmentally-friendly. 
  • Improved Retail Value – Having a whole-house fan in addition to your HVAC system may help you improve your home’s retail value and your buyer interest. Not only is it a sign that affordable cooling is available, but it is also a sign that your HVAC system is protected. 
  • More Comfortable Home – Why does your home feel more uncomfortable on some days than the temperature outdoors? The heat trapped inside can impact the effectiveness of your cooling system. By expelling this heat, your whole-house fan will make your home feel more comfortable. 

If you are still unsure if a whole-house fan is right for you, consider speaking about these benefits with a heating and cooling expert for further insight. 

Points to Consider Before Installing

While whole-house fans are popular because of the overshadowing benefits they provide, these installations do require a few essential considerations.

  • Attic Installation – A whole-house fan installation requires your home to have an attic. If any significant water damage or roof issues are impacting your attic, these may need to be addressed before your whole-house fan can be installed.
  • Manual Operation – Whole-house fans require you to do some of the groundwork, such as opening your windows before turning on the fan. This requires a bit more exertion than your AC system, which works at just the click of a button. 
  • Open Window Safety –  You will need to ensure that you are safe from critters, allergens, and intruders when leaving your windows open.  
  • Noise – Whole-house fans are known for their capacity to become noisy, which is unfortunate for units that are designed to operate at night or in the early morning; however, new units are often installed with gaskets or insulating barriers to help muffle the sounds.

It is essential you address these considerations before investing in a whole-house fan. Once you are cleared and ready to go, you can begin the installation process. 

Whole-House Fan Installation

The whole-house fan installation process is made simple by experienced professionals, such as those at Bonney. An expert will:

  • Ensure that your attic has necessary ventilation
  • Measure your whole-house fan
  • Cut a space into your attic for the unit
  • Safely mount and secure the unit
  • Ensure that no safety hazards are present
  • Install any wiring necessary for proper operation 

The installation process poses some safety risks for DIY attempts. When gone awry, these could cost you much more than just the price of your broken unit. This is why it is best to seek expert help when taking on a whole-house fan project. 

Sacramento Whole-House Fans

Here at Bonney, we know the importance of whole-house fans in Sacramento and are familiar with the careful installation they require. If your Sacramento building needs a whole-house fan repair, replacement, or new installation, the certified technicians at Bonney can help. Contact our experts today to get started!