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Introducing Virtual Plumbing From Bonney

At Bonney, we understand the importance of social distancing during the COVID-19 outbreak; however, as an essential business, we do not want customers to have to choose between their safety and getting the plumbing service they need.  While we are working within the CDC guidelines to keep our services safe for customers, we recently created Bonney virtual plumbing to provide an extra outlet of protection and service. These affordable visits are completed through a video conference with our expert technicians so that we can diagnose your plumbing issues and ensure you need professional care before visiting your home. Best of all, the cost of a virtual visit is waived if your plumbing problem requires at-home care. Here is everything you need to know about virtual plumbing from Bonney. 

Our Virtual Plumbing Process

If you are interested in Bonney virtual plumbing, you can get started right away. How does the virtual plumbing process work? Before we offer virtual plumbing, a Bonney customer service representative will first speak with you about your plumbing concern to ensure that you can benefit from this service. If your concern is deemed as a virtual diagnosis qualifier, our experts will provide you with a choice between a virtual or in-home diagnostics. For those who qualify and are interested in a virtual diagnostic, our Bonney plumbing experts initiate a simple 4-step process:

  • First, we will send you a secure portal to our virtual plumbing platform, where you can sign in and fill out your payment information. 
  • Next, we will make sure that your phone is equipped for a video call from Bonney. Our call will be completed via Google Duo, so we will give you the chance to make sure you are ready to access this free platform.
  • After speaking with our customer service representative and confirming Google Duo is available on your phone – an expert technician will call to investigate the issues you are experiencing.
  • Finally, our specialists will review all of the options possible for your plumbing service and call back within the next fifteen minutes to discuss solutions with you. 

Bonney diagnostic plumbing virtual calls are just $39, and we will waive this fee if your plumbing problem results in an at-home visit or virtual plumbing coaching session for additional care.

What Are My Options? Bonney Troubleshooting and Virtual Diagnostics

Virtual troubleshooting is a new service that we have created to accommodate our customers. There are three possible outcomes for a virtual plumbing call:

  • If the issue or concern you are experiencing is not a problem, our experts will give you the peace of mind in knowing that your home does not need care. 
  • If your plumbing problem requires a quick and easy fix, we will waive the virtual plumbing fee in exchange for a modest service cost and walk you through this care routine via Google Duo. 
  • If your issue requires expert care, we will waive the virtual plumbing fee and schedule an at-home visit to complete your service. 

Quick Fix? Get Step-By-Step Plumbing Help Over the Phone

If the problem is a quick, simple fix and you have the right resources to safely complete the repair on your own, our Bonney plumbers will help you through the process with a virtual plumbing session. This can help you with qualifying plumbing concerns such as minor configuration oversights, any possible errors with your system settings, user errors, and other quick, easy solutions. During your virtual plumbing session, our experts will take the time coach you step-by-step through your plumbing solution. For this one-on-one professional service, we will waive the virtual plumbing diagnostic fee to offer this specialist care from our plumbers for just $100. Bonney ensures customer safety and satisfaction by keeping our portal secure and recording all calls for quality assurance. This service gives you expert diagnostics, professional insight, and the peace of mind to deal with plumbing issues safely.

Safe Professional Plumbing Care

As you might expect, most plumbing problems require advanced tools and professional care. If you cannot complete the repair on your own, our Bonney experts will waive your virtual plumbing fee and be there to help. With the diagnosis already completed, our professionals will be ready to get your plumbing fixed in record time. The Bonney team is taking all necessary precautions to keep our customers safe when visiting your home. This includes state and CDC-recommended sanitary measures and maintaining a safe social distance from customers. 

Contact Bonney for Virtual Plumbing Care

Bonney is proud to offer virtual plumbing for additional safety and customer care during the Coronavirus outbreak. Our plumbing professionals proudly serve homes in the greater Sacramento area, including those in Fairfield, Lincoln, Auburn, Rocklin, Lodi, and beyond! If you are ready to get started on your virtual plumbing, give Bonney a call. We will do our part to keep you safe and provide you with the plumbing care you need today!