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Reasons to Replace Your Furnace Filter

Replacing Furnace FiltersWinter is here, and while Sacramento temperatures don’t dip below freezing very often, it’s still common for people to use their furnaces just about every day and especially after the sun goes down. When you run your system that often, your furnace filter works hard to provide your home with clean, healthy air.

That kind of responsibility is why it’s crucial homeowners take a proactive approach to furnace filter maintenance by replacing it regularly during heavy-use seasons. How often should your furnace filter be replaced? That depends on several different factors, but in general, changing your furnace filter once every one to three months should be more than enough. If you have pets or allergies, you may want to replace it once per month.

Here are some of the biggest benefits to replacing your furnace filter when necessary.

Minimize the Need for Future Repairs

The furnace going out in the middle of winter can be a homeowner’s worst nightmare. Not only is it a major inconvenience, but depending on how cold it is, it could be dangerous to go through a winter night without a working furnace. Replacing furnace filters regularly does wonders for extending the lifespan of your furnace and its parts, so you can avoid making a dreaded emergency service call in the middle of the night.

Save Money on Your Energy Bill

Everyone wants to save money where they can. The good news is, regularly replacing your furnace filter can help you save money on your monthly energy bill and potentially avoid expensive repairs in the future. When a filter is heavily clogged, the furnace works harder to perform at its normal level, which in turn causes your furnace to use more energy.

Promote Healthy Indoor Air Quality

Filters that have been in place for too long have a high chance of becoming clogged or obstructed, which hurts its ability to filter harmful dust and debris from your home’s air. In fact, heavily clogged filters can recirculate contaminated air back into your home. Changing your furnace filter once per month during heavy-use seasons will substantially improve your indoor air quality.

Keep Internal System Components Clean

Your furnace filter not only keeps large amounts of dust and pollen from entering your home, it also prevents dust from penetrating your furnace, minimizing the chance foreign particle buildup will damage the internal components. Allowing your system to become polluted will cause your furnace to require repairs and replacement parts down the road.

Maintain Warm and Efficient Airflow

This may seem obvious, but replacing your air filters regularly will help keep your home warm this winter. While the Sacramento area may not experience much if any snowfall, nighttime temperatures average in the mid-30s in January. A properly functioning furnace will provide extra comfort on those cold nights.

Don’t Forget Regularly Scheduled Maintenance

Replacing your furnace filter is just one easy step you can take to keep your furnace running at an optimum level this winter. However, some things are best left to the professionals, which is why scheduling regular maintenance for your heating systems will go a long way towards extending the life of your furnace and helping you save money and stay warm in the meantime.

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