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Bonney’s Top 5 Moments in Air Vent Movie History

Bonney Plumbing, Electrical, Heating, and Air  knows the importance of a home’s ventilation system. A heating and air vent is essential for delivering climate-controlled warm or cool air inside your home.  Heating and air vents also play a vital part in many Hollywood Blockbuster movies. It’s usually the hero escaping or hiding from the “bad guys” by secretly crawling through the air vents undetected. Air vents have also been used for comedic purposes in the movies as well.

Here are Bonney’s Top Moments in Air Vent Movie History:

Air Vent Scene in Die HardDie Hard:  Hands down the best movie where the main character crawls through the air vents is Die Hard starring Bruce Willis as New York Policeman John McClane. He attempts to save his wife and others who are taken hostage during a Christmas party at an LA skyscraper. In a pivotal scene McClane has no choice but to crawl around the ventilation system where the bad guys can’t catch him. It’s one of the high points of the film. Crawling around the ducts with only a Zippo lighter and some wisecracks, “Now I know what a TV Dinner feels like”, McClane manages to elude the terrorists and save the day. Good thing those air ducts were clean!

Air Duct Scene in AlienAlien: The science fiction horror movie Alien has one of the most frightening moments in air duct movie history. The extraterrestrial creature stalks and attacks the crew of the spaceship one by one. In one of the scariest parts of the film Dallas, the captain of the Nostromo, enters the ship’s air ducts to lure the Alien to the airlock and eject it into space. He is attacked by the Alien and disappears, presumed dead, leaving only his flamethrower.  It’s a quintessential air duct movie scene!


Air Vent Scene in Toy Story

Toy Story 2: Another pivotal scene in Air Duct Movie history is when the gang of toys, led by Buzz Lightyear, comes to rescue Woody from Al McWhiggin and bring him back to Andy’s house. Woody tells Buzz, “You wasted your time” and turns his back on his friends. The gang sadly turns around and heads back through the air vents. The television starts to play “You Got a Friend in Me” which prompts Woody to have a change of heart. He screams, “Buzz, I’m coming with you!” and Buzz replies, “Way to go Cowboy!” It’s a sentimental moment in Air Duct Movie History.

Ventilation Duct Scene in Mission ImpossibleMission Impossible: The most famous scene in the movie is the white room vault heist where Tom Cruise dangles from the ceiling. The ventilation duct played a major part in the scene which is where Franz Krieger operates the harness that keeps Ethan, played by Cruise, from falling to the floor. A wayward rat scurrying through the air duct almost squashes the whole heist, but, in the movies  Tom Cruise always wins. Another cinematic homage in air duct movie history.

Air Vent Scene in Dr. NoDr. No: The first James Bond film starring Sean Connery. In almost every James Bond movie there’s a suspenseful escape scene, right? James Bond is captured and imprisoned in a holding cell by the evil Dr. No. But wait, there’s an air vent just waiting for Mr. Bond to escape through. At first he gets shocked when he touches the grill, but, tries again by using his shoe to push it out and Bond is off and crawling through the air vents.  Bond finds his way to Dr. No’s control center, which contains the nuclear pool reactor where he overloads the reactor and knocks Dr. No into the reactor pool killing him. And the rest is Air Vent Movie History.

There are many other films where the air ventilation system plays a role. The Coen Brother’s No Country for Old Men where Llewellyn Moss hides the briefcase of money through the air vent at the El Paso Motel. The Breakfast Club has a scene in which the school ventilation system is used as an escape route by Bender. And don’t forget the screwball comedy Paul Blart Mall Cop in which Kevin James crawls through the Mall vents and eventually crashes through them.

“Resident Evil”, Men in Black II, and the Clint Eastwood film “Escape From Alcatraz” also have major air ventilation scenes. How do you think Clint Eastwood made his escape from The Rock?

Air vents have played an important role in the movies and they also play an important role in your heating and air-conditioning system. If you need your ducts cleaned or replaced, give Bonney Plumbing, Electrical, Heating and Air a call at 444-0551 for 5-star service.