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5 Reasons to Tune up Your Heating System This Fall

The leaves are starting to drop, football season has arrived, and pumpkin spice everything is everywhere. That means Fall Furnace Season has arrived! Now is the perfect time to think about your heating system BEFORE the cold weather gets here. And you SHOULD think about it, because you don’t want to have a furnace system breakdown in the middle of winter. A breakdown in the winter could mean expensive repairs, a delay in service due to peak demand, and a chilly home….and you don’t want to wear gloves and a parka inside the house!

A yearly tune-up or maintenance in the fall is the best way to keep your heating system running smoothly and efficiently all winter long. Preventative maintenance is the single most important factor when it comes to keeping your heating system happy and healthy.

Safety for you and your family

A furnace tune-up helps you and your family stay safe. If you have a small crack or defect in the heating system harmful gases, like carbon monoxide, can leak through and lead to health problems and in higher amounts, a fatality can occur. Unfortunately, there are cases across the country of deaths from carbon monoxide poisoning. Health issues can be prevented with an annual tune-up and safety check as well as carbon monoxide detectors. Always play it safe when it comes to your heating system.

Save Energy and Money

A furnace tune-up ensures your heating equipment is running at the highest efficiency level possible, saving energy AND money.  It’s always wise to keep your heating system in prime working condition. Poorly maintained HVAC systems use more energy which will create a higher monthly utility bill. The U.S. Department of Energy says that “heating and cooling makes up 54% of the average energy costs for a household”.  Just as a tune-up for your car can improve your gas mileage, an annual tune-up of your heating system can improve efficiency and comfort.

Avoid a breakdown

Having a heating system breakdown in the middle of cold weather season is something you want to avoid. Most furnace breakdowns are directly related to little or no maintenance, resulting in premature breakdown of your furnace components.  If you start hearing strange noises from the heater or smell unusual odors from the vents, don’t ignore it and hope it goes away. An annual check-up of your heating unit can help you avoid a costly breakdown. An unexpected breakdown of your heating system will create stress, cost money, and everybody’s teeth will be chattering if it gets too cold.

Check the Air Filter

During a fall furnace check-up filters can be checked, replaced or cleaned if possible.  A dirty or clogged filter is probably the number one cause of furnace problems. A dirty filter blocks the airflow causing your system to work harder to keep your home warm and toasty. An air filter can get especially dirty if you have a smoker or pets in the home.  Clean or replace your air filter every other month, sometimes even more often. It’s easy to forget how important it is to check your air filter but it’s vital to a clean, healthy, efficient heating and cooling system.  If you hold your filter up to the light and can’t see through it, wash or replace it.

Inspect the Electrical Wires

A furnace tune-up and safety check should always consist of an electrical wire check for faulty, exposed, or loose wiring. Checking the wires is essential for safety. If a wire becomes broke, loose, or short-circuited you are increasing your chances of equipment failure.  If your circuit breaker keeps tripping, it could be also due to faulty wiring.

Don’t let your heating system breakdown! No central heat in the middle of a winter cold spell can be a life filled with bulky sweaters, inefficient space heaters, and cold noses. Call Bonney at 800-444-0551 and one of our 5-star certified HVAC technicians in Sacramento or Concord can give your heating system a detailed 50 point precision tune-up and safety check to keep your furnace in tip top shape all winter long.