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A Loyal Customer Writes Letter about Her 5-Star Experience with Bonney

Bonney Plumbing, Electrical, Heating and Air prides itself on being Sacramento’s Home of 5-Star Service. At Bonney, we like to go above and beyond for our loyal customers from the first phone call to the wave goodbye because they deserve it.

One of our wonderful Bonney customers of seventeen years went above and beyond by writing a heartfelt letter to Bonney’s CEO Allen Crick. She raved about Zachary V., one of our certified premier HVAC technicians, and how he performed 5-Star Service with personal interest, a sense of satisfaction, and a strong positive attitude. It was a touching tribute to one of Bonney’s finest HVAC technicians.

Dear Mr. Crick,

I am writing to you to give you my highest commendation to one of your technicians, namely, Zachary Vizgaudis.

In my dealing with your company during the past seventeen years, my husband, now deceased, and I, have always found your people to be excellent workers.

During the past three weeks when my AC had failed to operate one of your people, the young man named above stood out among others.

He shows strong personal interest in doing his work. It is obvious to see that he is deeply involved in what he is doing and shows a strong feeling of personal responsibility for doing it well. As he explained things to me I could feel his sense of satisfaction with his work. He truly enjoys what he is doing.

It’s good to see a young person with such a strong positive attitude.

I was a school teacher for thirty-seven years, young children only, but I know from experience that such a positive attitude is not built into every person.

I must also mention that Zachary was also concerned for my comfort and protection from the excessive heat in the house. He put a portable air-conditioner in the living room and explained how to make the best use of it regarding the change on my electric bill.

I was grateful for his concern and his advice. It made me feel as if I was being spoken to by a friend – it helped me feel relaxed. At my age of eighty-seven I don’t find new friends too often.

One other activity I must mention is that when the final part of the job was ready to be done it was a procedure that Zachary had never seen before. He was not scheduled to work that day, but he wanted to improve his knowledge and capability, so he had his schedule changed so as to allow him to work with the older and more experienced man who was to do the final operation and finish the job. He spoke to me about how he always wants to improve his knowledge.

Having been well satisfied, as usual, with the work of your company, this time it had an unusual and welcome personal touch. You are fortunate to have Zachary on your team.

Thank you, as always, for your help.


Joan C.