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AC Energy Myths…Busted by Bonney!

There are many energy myths that get handed down from generation to generation. Dad or Grandpa always seemed to have advice about things around the home…Air Conditioner Myths | Bonney especially air conditioning. And don’t you dare touch the thermostat! One of those little tips handed down is closing the air conditioning vent in an unused room to save on energy costs.

It does make logical sense to close vents in a room nobody is using. Seems like a waste of cold air, doesn’t it?  If you close the vent, the cold air that would normally travel into that room goes into other rooms. However, this is an energy myth…Busted by Bonney!

Just like touching a toad causes warts or it takes 7 years to digest gum…closing an AC vent to a room that isn’t being used is an old wives tale or myth if you will…passed down from generations.

Don’t let dad or grandpa’s old energy myth lead you astray!

Closing vents does not save you money. It just makes one room feel hot. Also, closing vents can actually damage your heating and cooling system by increasing pressure in your air ducts. This is bad news for the blower because it’s designed to deliver a certain amount of air against a certain amount of pressure.

Central air-conditioning systems are designed to balance their load throughout the ducts, closing off a vent can make the system off balance.

These are old wives tales…or myths if you will….passed down from generations.

Closing vents in unused rooms can actually cause pressure to build up in the ducts, resulting in reduced air circulation and duct leakage. You do not want your ducts to leak, it’s not energy efficient.  When your system operates less efficiently, it can increase costs and reduce your home overall comfort.

So remember to keep your vents open and clear, don’t place a couch or chair over the vents. Here are some more handy tips to help you get more from your air conditioning system that are not myths. Who knows? Maybe Dad or Grandpa told you about them:

  • Schedule regular maintenance for your HVAC system. Usually this should be    done in the spring before the heat wave arrives.
  • Routinely replace or clean your AC filter to ensure proper airflow. A clean filter   can cut your air conditioner’s energy consumption by up to 15%.
  • Try not to place TV’s, lamps, or other devices that give off heat by your  thermostat. The thermostat may sense heat from these appliances and keep your air conditioning running longer than it needs to.
  • Vacuum your vents regularly to clean out any dust.

If you have any questions about your air-conditioning system or want to schedule an AC maintenance or tune-up from one of our 5-star certified HVAC technicians, give Bonney a call at 800-444-0551.