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Bonney Plumbing, Heating and Air: We’re Good Deed Doers

Bonney Plumbing, Heating, and Air believes in the importance of community involvement and giving back to the Sacramento region through its philanthropic endeavors. At Bonney we care about the Sacramento community and the people who live in it. Because…community is people!

A member of our community, Jami, needed a second opinion on an air conditioner repair. It had very little air flow and was not cooling her home efficiently. Her electricity bills were through the roof, but she wasn’t getting any relief from the heat.

At first, she called her home warranty company and they had one of their contracted HVAC companies inspect her air-conditioning system. Unfortunately, the A/C technician said she needed a lot of repair work done. He also tersely told her, in no uncertain terms, the repairs were not covered by her home warranty.

The estimate for repairs seemed very high to Jami and her dad, who was helping to oversee the repair work. Jami’s dad told her to call Bonney Plumbing Heating and Air for a second opinion. Father knows best, right?  

That’s when Kirk E., one of our Bonney Certified Premier technicians, came out to inspect her air conditioning system.  Kirk was, as Jami put it, “Professional, courteous, and explained everything that was wrong with the air conditioner”.

Kirk found plenty of problems with the air conditioner; a very dirty evaporator coil, a very dirty outdoor coil, and a dirty blower wheel. The blower motor was actually leaking oil. Kirk discounted everything to a much lower cost for Jami and they set up an appointment for a few days later.

Jami was asking when they’d get all the A/C repairs work done and that’s when she revealed to Kirk she was suffering from cancer and was scheduled for an operation. She told Kirk she was suffering from night sweats and hot flashes due to past chemotherapy sessions. Jami was scheduled for surgery in a couple weeks and just wanted to rest and recuperate without having to worry about the uncomfortable conditions due to an inefficient air conditioner.

Kirk has been trained that when you hear something, and it touches your heart, you need to listen. Listen he did, Kirk informed Bonney’s management team of Jami’s plight. The Bonney Team huddled together and came up with a compassionate solution; replace her old worn out air conditioner with a new unit. The Bonney Team waived all installation costs, too.

When the Bonney Team drove out to Jami’s home to tell her the good news about her air conditioner, she said, “What’s the catch?”

There was no catch, only concern.

Bonney tech Kirk E. noted, “Once we informed her we would replace the old A/C unit, I could see the anxiety leave her body”.

Jami seemed a bit overwhelmed by the generosity. She said, “I was at a loss for words and cried out of sheer amazement”. She gave the Bonney Team big hugs and seemed to be in a state of disbelief.

Jami added, “I realize how truly blessed I am to have called such an awesome company which actually cares about the people and its community. I am so ecstatic that after I come home from my surgery I will not have to be in an uncomfortable house on bed rest thanks to all the awesome people at Bonney”

“So shines a good deed in a weary world”   -Willie Wonka


Jami’s Yelp review:


I am so blessed that Bonney helped me out with replacing my entire unit and enlarged my return duct for me at no cost, after I had just bought my first home only to find out the A/C was leaking quite abut of oil after having 3 months of electric bills over $300 which were a result of the A/C running nonstop and never cooling the house down and turning off!  After calls to my Home warranty company and them sending out one of their contracted HVAC companies (the technician was EXTREMELY BELITTLING & RUDE to sugar coat it) and told me they won’t cover it with the warranty and to not bother fighting it and gave us a RIDICULOUS estimate. 

My dad told me call Bonney for a second opinion since he was going to be the one helping me get this repaired as I am a divorced/single mom with 3 kids and I was headed to surgery in a couple weeks and would be in bed rest to recover (can’t just lay in the heat for that I had so much chemo in the past couple years I am like hot flashing when others are comfortable)…so I called Bonney and they sent out Kirk the next day. REALLY SUPER NICE guy even my dog wanted to watch him instead of hide under the bed like he usually does when it’s someone he doesn’t know lol

He was profession, courteous, explained everything and even went above and beyond in calling his boss to get a good price and waived the Consult fee! He talked to my dad on the phone explained everything and said they could come out that following Monday (4 days later). As if that wasn’t awesome enough… Wait there is more.

You could only imagine how it surprised me to get a call from Kirk the very next day asking if I would be home that afternoon his boss wanted to speak with me.  So I pulled up to see two Bonney trucks and 6 guys in my yard at first I was a little worried but I got out to see what was going on. 

You can’t even begin to imagine my surprise and shock when the big boss told me they wanted to replace my entire A/C Unit with a unit they have in their warehouse AT NO COST I Was at a loss for word and cried out of sheer amazement. I asked “why” and all he said was we want you to be comfortable and we know that you won’t win the battle with your home warranty company and this could potentially cause your house to catch fire and we don’t want that.Not only was I amazed but I realized how truly blessed I am to have called such an awesome company which actually cares about the people and it’s community. It made me see there are still people and companies out there that genuinely care about other people. I am so ecstatic that after I come home from my surgery next week I will not have to be sitting in a hot uncomfortable house on bed rest thanks to all the Awesome People at Bonney