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Variable Speed Furnaces

Shopping for a new furnace or air handler? One of the best features in furnaces is the motor itself. Be sure and ask your technician about a good Variable speed furnace. Every manufacturer makes them but it is not always presented.

So what are some of the advantages to this kind of motor? Well, the first has to do with comfort. A true variable speed furnace will ramp up or down to deliver the proper amount of warmth to your home. The amount of warmth is important. If the blower is running too high it will cause hot and cool spots in your home compared to slower steadier speeds which will distribute the heat more evenly throughout your home. It can especially help with split level and multistory homes.

The next thing about this type of motor is that a true variable motor will be DC powered. The big advantage to this is that direct current motors use less energy than AC motors. In fact, some variable speed motors can move air slowly on fan speed using only 75 watts of power. That’s like powering a light bulb! Compared to some motors which use as much energy as a microwave this can add up to some substantial savings.

So if you are interested in a new furnace for your home be sure and talk with someone who is an expert, like the expert technicians at Bonney Plumbing, Heating and Air. Call today (916) 444-0551!