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Two stage Heat Versus One Stage

Thinking about buying a new furnace? One very important feature of new furnaces is the ability to ramp down the amount of gas that is being used to generate heat. This is done with adjustable gas valves.

Most of the options out there is single and two stage, although there are some manufacturers with 3 stage heat and even modulating or variable capacity valves.

Confused yet? Don’t be. It’s as simple as thinking about your gas stove or gas barbecue grill. If it had only an on or off setting, that would be a single stage. Great if everything you want to heat up is always the same size and needs exactly the same heat every time, like a great big steak. Not so great if you are wanting to heat up a single piece of toast.

That’s where two stage heating comes in. A furnace with two stages of heat has two settings, a low and a high setting. Just like if your grill had low for simmering and high for broiling. Three stage is similar.

The benefits are obvious: low heat for maintaining temperature, high for those really cold days or nights. More comfortable heat that costs less.

Variable capacity or modulating gas furnaces take this to the next level with many more possibilities of heating. The furnace uses just the right amount of gas needed to heat your home. Not too much, not too little, just right. And, with very little gas wasted in the process.

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