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Duct Work Design

Duct work in a residential home is very important for the proper, efficient operation of any central heating and air system. And many times one of the most neglected items as well because many homeowners don’t see the ductwork at all being that it is in the attic, crawlspace and/or in the walls. Another thing that happens is that because homeowners don’t perceive proper duct design as beneficial it tends to be overlooked by the contractor.

You may say, “what about the entire duct testing that is required when the permit is pulled”? And that is a very good question. Today’s air duct testing is an effort to make sure there is no more than 15% air leakage in an existing duct system. While better than no standard at all, 15% is still pretty leaky. In homes where we can access all of the ductwork it is pretty easy to get that leakage below 6% but many contractors stop at the 15% when they meet the minimum standard. It is important to hire a heating and air contractor like Bonney that will make sure every effort is made to get your duct system as leak free as possible.

The next thing is proper duct design. Droopy ductwork with many bends and turns can drastically reduce the air flow velocity of your central air system and should be pulled straight and tight. Proper air flow is a must, especially in summer where we need to deliver cold air as efficiently as we can. The use of high static air boxes and connectors further reduces efficient air flow and should be replaced with metal elbows and air distribution boxes.

These are just a few things about your ductwork and airflow system. Because there are many items that affect your heating and air conditioning system it is important to get properly trained and NATE certified technicians for your furnace or heat pump system. The best in the business work for Bonney Plumbing, Heating and Air. Call us today!