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Backup Generators for Orangevale, CA

Never be left unprepared when a blackout strikes your home or business. Have Bonney install a Generac brand standby backup generator to make sure that you have no interruption in your power supply. Call us today to talk about how we can make it happen.

No home or business owner likes when the power goes out. It is inconvenient at best and can lead to major issues at worst. Bonney Plumbing, Heating and Air can make sure that you always have a backup source of power by installed a generator outside of your home or business.

Bonney has a team of experienced and certified technicians who can provide you with the best backup power options for your situation. You can truly rest easy when a Bonney export is on the job.

Most blackouts and power outages are short and cause no more than a little disruption. However, when an outage lasts for several hours the issues can grow beyond minor inconveniences.

Impacts of Power Loss

  • No air conditioning
  • No heat
  • No water for those on properties with wells
  • Freezer food thaws
  • Refrigerator food spoils
  • No way to charge phones or devices
  • Computer systems shut down
  • TVs and game consoles don’t work
  • Appliances cannot be used

What is a Standby Backup Generator?

A standby backup generator is your best defense against the problems that come when the power goes out. It senses when power is no longer flowing, and activates automatically to fill the void. It will run as long as it has fuel, so it will get your through even the longest outages. Once the power utility restores service, the generator will shut down. You don’t have to do a thing and your home will be protected.

Portable generators can also be useful in a blackout, but they need to be manually activated. That means to use one, you will have to find it in your home or garage, and then turn it on in the dark. All that time, the power is disconnected. With a standby generator, it will turn on automatically so that you do not need to head out in the dark to activate it. Not only that, but they are self-testing so issues can be managed and dealt with early.

Backup Generator Maintenance and Repair

Orangevaler esidents who have standby generators know that a generator is no good if it will not perform at the times it is needed. That is why regular maintenance and inspections are so important. Bonney has experienced inspectors who will be thorough in making sure everything is running smoothly. They will also do what they can to keep it that way by topping up fluids, changing out the air filters, and testing out all of the components.

If a repair is what you need, it’s important that you are not left for too long without protection from a loss of power. Call Bonney immediately and we will have an expert to your door quickly. They will assess the situation and provide you an estimate for the work that needs to be done. In many situations everything can be completely fixed within a day.

We Carry Generac and Other Generator Models

There are lots of options out there for generators, and Bonney Plumbing, Heating, and Air has a wide selection that will meet anyone’s needs. Among the Generac generator models that Bonney carries are:

  • PowerPact 7.5kW home backup generator with 8-circuit transfer switch
  • Guardian 9kW home backup generator with 16-circuit transfer switch WiFi enabled
  • Guardian 11kW home backup generator with 16-circuit transfer switch WiFi enabled
  • Guardian 16kW home backup generator with whole-house switch WiFi enabled
  • Guardian 20kW home backup generator with whole-house switch WiFi enabled
  • Guardian 3-phase 20kW automatic standby generator
  • Guardian 22kW home backup generator with whole-house transfer switch WiFi enabled
  • QT Series 70KW-150kW home backup generators

We also carry and install backup generators designed for businesses.

The Best Backup Generator Company in Orangevale

If you are in Central and Northern California, then do not settle for second best. Bonney is your top choice for all backup generator maintenance, installation and repair services for your Orangevale home.