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Ask the Brigade: Plumbing, Heating & Indoor Air Quality Questions Answered

If you have a plumbing, air conditioning, or heating system emergency, call Bonney now at 800-444-0551.

If you have time to evaluate an issue (e.g., leaky faucet, pilot light out, furnace not providing heat, etc.), this Q&A section may help you troubleshoot or determine next steps.


Heating FAQ »

A fix may be as simple as relighting a pilot light or changing an air filter; however, not all home heating system issues should be tackled on your own. Get answers to common questions and learn what’s the best next step for you. For immediate help, please call 800-444-0551.


Indoor Air Quality FAQ »

It’s important to look after the quality of the air you breathe and you should always hire the experts to get the job done right. Bonney has the tools and know-how to accurately measure and improve your indoor air quality. For emergencies, please call 800-444-0551.


Plumbing & Drain FAQ »

A home plumbing project can quickly turn into your worst nightmare, so get answers to common questions and learn when you should call in the professionals. For emergencies call Bonney now at 800-444-0551.