Indoor Air Quality Testing & FAQ

It’s important to look after the quality of the air you breathe and you should always hire the experts to get the job done right. Bonney has the tools and know-how to accurately measure and improve your indoor air quality.

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Dirty ducts are caused by many factors.  During the summer when you are running the air conditioning or the fan for circulation, fine particles of dirt, pollens, bacteria’s and other  particulate matter,  make it through your air filter, (or from air leaks), and stick to the inner cabinet metals and insulation of your furnace or heat pump.

The particles that stick to the heat exchanger or heat strips will then be “burned off” when you go to use the heater in the winter time. That is the “burnt dust smell” familiar to most people. If you can smell it, it is in the air of your home. It is all over the furnishings, appliances, counters, bedding, drapes, fruit baskets and opened exposed containers.  Most importantly, if YOU smell it…you, your family and pets are BREATHING IT!

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