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Save Money and Conserve Water with a Greywater System

If you love to keep your yard green and your plants healthy, you know how challenging it can be when Sacramento is going through a dry spell. Since the Sacramento area regularly struggles with droughts, you’ll often have to decide between wasting water or letting your plants die in the spring and summer. Fortunately, greywater systems let you have the best of both worlds, as they help you save water while keeping your yard and plants watered.

What Are Greywater Systems?`

Greywater refers to water that’s been previously used for a variety of washing applications, such as showering, bathing, and handwashing. A greywater system recycles this water by redirecting it to your yard to irrigate your lawn or water your garden. Typically, home greywater systems use piping and gravity to redirect greywater from sinks or showers to an irrigation system, meaning they usually don’t rely on pumps or complicated machinery.

Why Is a Greywater System a Great Water-Saving Investment for the Spring?

Due to the simplicity of greywater systems and their usefulness, they have several advantages. If you’re interested in installing one of these systems at your home this spring, learn more about the benefits of custom greywater systems below:

1. Greywater Systems Cut Down on Wasted Water

While saving water is important in most areas of the country, it’s especially crucial in drought-prone regions and those with a drier climate. Since water conservation is a priority in Sacramento, and you can receive fines for wasting water, greywater systems are an excellent way to keep your yard green without the risk of excess water usage. By reusing greywater from your shower and bath, you can potentially save thousands of gallons of water a year.

2. Greywater Systems Reduce Energy Usage

You might not think of it much, but using fresh water at your home also expends energy. For example, when you water your yard or plants with fresh water, your home uses energy to pump more water in. Greywater systems reduce this energy usage by lowering the amount of fresh water you need for your plants or yard. This reduction in energy usage translates to lower energy bills and a more climate-friendly home.

3. Greywater Systems Save You Money

Since greywater systems reduce your water and energy consumption, they can also save you money. Over time, this reduction in utility bills can result in your greywater system paying for itself. These extra savings make greywater systems a smart investment for many homeowners, regardless of whether they’re worried about water conservation or not.

4. Greywater Systems Are Customizable

When you receive greywater system installation services, you can customize the system to your needs. Due to these systems’ customizability, you can ensure you’re only reusing water from sources you trust and that the water you recycle goes exactly where you want it to go. In addition, the ability to personalize these systems means you can work with a trained plumber to install a greywater system that meets your exact goals. 

5. Greywater Is Safe and Even Beneficial for Plants

While you wouldn’t want to drink greywater, it’s safe for your plants. Unlike water that would come out of our hose, greywater often contains hair, food, dirt, and grease that will serve as a fertilizer for your plants, making it a more beneficial option for many plants than standard water. Keep in mind that if you use greywater for a vegetable garden, you’ll want to make sure the greywater doesn’t come into contact with an edible portion of the vegetable.

Choose Bonney for Greywater System Installation Services in Sacramento

If you’re looking for greywater system installation or repair near you in Sacramento, Bonney has you covered. As a provider of custom greywater systems, we can install a greywater system on your property that’s personalized to your home and yard’s needs. If you already own one of these systems, you can also call us for greywater system repair services. Additionally, we offer multiple financing options and coupons to ensure you can receive our greywater system services at a price that works for you.

Learn more about our water conservation services today. If you have any questions or want to schedule an appointment, please contact us